What’s wrong in internet marketing?

Yesterday I sent out an e-mail to my mailing list basically pledging that I would never send them junk. I promised that if they received a suggestions from me via e-mail it would be because I had thoroughly reviewed the product and that I think it is something that people would really gain something out of. I’ve seen a lot of junk out there and even I have been guilty of mailing about products that I may not have really reviewed before I mailed. I’m turning over a new leaf…

I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about what I feel is wrong in internet marketing. My opinions here may not be shared with a lot of other internet marketers but I’m going to talk about them anyway. Maybe other people hoping to get in to this internet marketing game will read this and decide to avoid some of these things…

Mailing without actually knowing what the product is about.
This is something that really frustrates me and I know it has to frustrate a lot of other people. People do adswaps in which two people both mail out to their lists for the other person. Adswaps can be great and I think it is probably one of the best ways to grow your list when you are first getting started. I would never tell people not to do them and I even still do them from time to time. My issue comes with the fact that most people don’t even look at the product of the person that they are swapping with.

People go in to forums or chat rooms, find people to swap with, and then agree to swap based on list size. I would say that a vast majority of the people who swap don’t thoroughly look in to the product of the person that they are swapping with. This kind of behavior only ruins your relationship with your list. People end up taking the swipe copy that’s given to them, pasting it in to their autoresponder and blindly mailing out to their list.

There is a lot of junk out there. If you blindly arrange swaps, you’re going to end up sending your list a lot of crap and that’s going to reflect badly on you.

On the rare occasion that I arrange an adswap, I thoroughly investigate my swap partners product. I opt-in to their list myself to see what the page looks like after they opt-in. I look at the product that they are offering to make sure that it’s not rehashed junk. If your site looks spammy, refers my subscribers to an affiliate link, or makes it insanely difficult to find the freebie, don’t bother lining up a swap with me. I will deny you.

This same type of behavior is often seen with affiliate promotions and product launches. List owners need to make a couple extra bucks so they will line up a product promotion without ever checking out the product for themselves. For all they know, they can be sending their subscribers to a total scam or some rehashed PLR product. This will result in lost credibility and probably a lot of refunds.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, buy the product and check it out before promoting it. Once you are a little more established, you can start requiring that you receive a review copy of the product before promoting it to your list.

My only exception to this rule is for new product launches from people that I really trust. The Frank Kerns and Mike Koenigs of the world have proven themselves to put out quality products. These types of promotions, however, are the exception and not the rule.

Sweet Ferrari
This has almost become comical to me. You get people posting pictures of themselves in front of “their ferrari” or sweet new ride. The internet lifestyle has been good to them and now they need to show the world how good their life is by standing in front of their new car.

Does this even work anymore?

I don’t mind the people that go out and buy the awesome car because it was their dream and now they can finally do it but do they really have to pose in front of it on their sales pages? I see someone posing in front of a Ferrari on a sales page and I think “What an asshole”. Half the time, I know for a fact, it’s not even their car!

When you start studying copywriting and the psychology of selling, you learn that you want your customer to relate to you. You want your customer to see that you are just like them. How does posing in front of your rented Ferrari make me relate to you? I know that you’re selling the lifestyle but, in my opinion, the time freedom is a much better selling point than the car that’s most commonly bought by middle aged, recently divorced, men who have some sort of anatomical deficiency.

The car is an ego thing and nothing more. It’s someone saying “look at me, I’m better than everyone else”.

One day I may have a flashy car too so I can’t talk too much crap about them. However, you’ll never see me posing in front of it at night with my shades on for the sake of selling a product.

Selling “how to make money online” products without ever having made money online.
People think that the easiest way to make money online is to create a product about how to make money online. Do people really think that others can’t see through this? I can spot a product from someone who has no idea what they are talking about from a mile away by now. There is so many things wrong with this career path.

First of all, if you do this you are a scammer and a con-artist. This is like someone who has never made a single investment in their life selling investment advice to others. You will quickly be found out about and exposed as a liar and a scammer.

Second of all, these people are completely wrong about how easy the “make money online” niche is. In fact, it’s the most over-saturated niche on the internet. Everyone is out there teaching their systems and customers have thousands of options of what the best formula for them is.

If you’ve made a good income online and you have a system that honestly works then, by all means, teach it… And charge a lot for it. Otherwise, start out in a niche that you may know something about.

I created income-generating blogs for three years before I ever decided to create my first product. When I did create my first product it was about how to setup blogs. After a year of documenting everything I had done to make money online I finally released my product about how I did it.

With that being said, I don’t even know if I would make another product about how I make money. It’s a tough niche and a lot of people just don’t take action. You end up with a lot of people claiming your methods don’t work when, in reality, they never took the action to make it work.

It’s a tough niche to be in and there are a lot of people who have absolutely no business being in it.

I guess that’s enough of a rant for today. I’m sure there’s many more things that I can come up with that really frustrate me about what’s going on in the industry. Please give me your feedback in the comments below. I really appreciate all of the comments.

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  • http://www.jefferybaxter.com Jeffery Baxter Jr

    Hi Matt,

    Great post. Many marketers can learn a thing or two from you as I know I have. I honestly hate the hype selling as well. It is getting a bit out of hand and is arrogant on a vendor’s behalf.

    Try posting a 100k screenshot and yourself standing in front of a ferrari when selling a high ticket item…it doesn’t work. Most of the time guys do this to sell low ticket items as hype seems to be what gets the sale. All in all, if you just be genuine and real, people can relate better & still buy your product.

    Looking into what I promote is something I’ll have to get into more as well.

    Thanks for the post and keep up the good work!


    • Matt

      Thanks for the comment Jeff. You are absolutely right. You don’t see people selling the high ticket items with flashy cars and flaunting their cash. People see through that. Even before I made any money online, I always laughed at the people who used these tactics.

      People buy from people. If I was going to try to sell you something right now, I would try to convince you as much as possible that we are practically the same person. If you relate to me in that way, you will probably feel comfortable with me and trust me enough to buy from me.

      Learn to be relatable and people will trust you and buy from you… End of story.


    • http://www.Lazarrus.com John McLean

      Awesome blog post + 100% true from start to finish!

      This really resonated with me because one of the sales headlines I use to promote my primary online business reads, “If Making $$$ Online is so Damn Easy, Why Aren’t We All Driving Ferraris?!”

      Again, great stuff–thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.Lazarrus.com John McLean

      Awesome blog post + 100% true from start to finish!

      This really resonated with me because one of the sales headlines I use to promote my primary online business reads, “If Making $$$ Online is so Damn Easy, Why Aren’t We All Driving Ferraris?!”

      Again, great stuff–thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.davidwalker.tv David Walker

    Hey Matt,

    This is a great post – passionate and with a real purpose!

    I suspect this was on the agenda at the list control seminar and it’s a valid point.

    I have learned the hard way in recent months about losing credibility with my list through too many ad swaps and it’s taking time to put things right.

    I came to a similar conclusion a few weeks back about not overly promoting ‘free gifts’ and now, if I promote a paid product, I am going to do my best to review it first on my blog. It’s nice to be in a position where I can get a review copy from some of the smaller to mid-tier marketers in order to do this.

    You are right about the ‘make money online’ niche too and it’s even worse when you see some of the cheap Master Resell Rights products that newbs can hawk around to eachother. Some of those are really shocking…

    I’d like to think I can survive in this tough industry, having done my time in other niches. Who knows, I may even return to them one day…

    Speak soon,


  • http://seanbeardmore.com Sean Beardmore

    Hey Matt,

    Interesting post you have made here, and one point you raised did make me think about my own route, but then I do feel comfortable with it.

    I agree with the adswap route and checking exactly what it is you are sending out to your list. To my detriment, I realized that in one week I had sent out the same product, in three different disguises to my list. Lesson learnt.

    Now on to the product creation and yes, the first product is the hardest. Now mine, I will admit, is making money online, but it is showing what it take to get started and focused. No BS, No Hype. I recoded a sales video only, no long tail sales letter, just my voice to keep it real but the what I have created can be applied to any niche.

    It is difficult to decide on your first product, unless you have a skill in a different niche other than the Internet Marketing niche. So if you are knowledgeable about growing Bonsai Trees, then great, there is your first product.

    So true, people buy from people and if they relate to what you are offering, then you have a result.

    Take care Matt, talk soon


  • http://www.PeterAntonio.com Peter Antonio

    Hi Matt,

    I’m one of your students and have just about reached the point where I will be doing Adswaps. After having provided what I feel is valuable advice for the last month, I surely will want to know what my Adswap partner is promoting.

    Your post is timely as this has been on my mind for the last week or so as I prepare to enter the next phase of building my list.


  • Mike

    Hey Matt.

    Totally agree. The worst thing is getting so-called “personal” email from your good buddy “Mr Marketer” only to read the un-cloaked link that has the afilliate hoplink of some other guy thqat you know aint them.
    I’m getting RSI from hitting the unsubscribe so much.
    To David Walker. What you said dude. I will re-subscribe.


  • Mark Coulthard

    Its when I get 4 plus Emails, from 4 plus individuals all selling their latest and greatest product, but when opened the message comes from the real owner of the site, that gets up my nose.
    You are right, there are 1000s of people inferring that they are someone experienced, a guru,in fact most of them have never made any money and are not likely to either.
    There are so many programs out there that led people down the path of failure through Hype and BS.

  • Scott Miller

    Thanks for the post. I am currently looking at internet marketing information and products to help me extend the scope of my traditional and highly competitive brick & mortar business.

    So much of the IM material seems oriented toward getting others to buy just another IM product that it seems kind of pointless. I’m sure there are good products out there that will help with what I’m looking to do. I’ll just have to keep looking.

  • michael

    Congratulations Matt! On laying it out there with complete honesty. You are right on with your perception about how the public has received the adswap inundation. The public has seen right through it! And I’m sure many marketers have witnessed the repercussions first hand.

    Adswaps can be a great technique when implemented honestly. They can be bastardized when some “Guru” comes along with a way to “dishonestly” milk it for quick bucks and everyone follows their lead.

    Likewise with the ferrari example. Anyone who doesn’t think the public sees right through that is misleading themselves.

    Without mentioning names – since you didn’t, Matt – the guy who flies his own helicopter and loves to show off his cars,big house and island, the guy who took the internet by storm by basically applying his car salesman know-how to internet marketing, the guy who thinks he’s back in the 60’s with every other word being “cool” – come on!

    There are marketers out there who know what they are doing, who can effectively teach their skills to others and all without the silly schtick that nowadays gives one an uncomfortable chill up their spines.

    I’m glad to see a new trend starting in internet marketing honesty and integrity. Yeah, just give us the tools without the sob stories of how broke you were before you started and the razzmatazz and fancy videos and moussed out hair, etc., etc., etc.

    Just give us the meat and let us get on with it.

    You’re one of the good guys, Matt. I loved your WordPress Classroom series!!!



  • http://www.topmarkebooks.com Graham Massey

    Hi Matt,
    Great post as usual.As you said, alot of marketers might be offended by your post but i think you have hit the nail right on the head. In the past I have been guilty of falling for the hype and purchasing products that just do not live up to the promise.

    Recently I have been busy unsubscribing from lists where the link takes me to an affiliate link, or optin for someone I have never heard of. Opening a “personal message” only to find that the message is all about an affiliate link just winds me up.

  • http://togoodtomention.com Derek Overington

    Hi Matt,

    Awesome post my friend, could not agree with you more. I think for me the best results came from actually using the product and then writing a post about the product on my blog. As long as you give your honest opinion about it and show them how it had helped with your success and give them some idea of the results you are getting, it will always give your readers a bit bit more confidence to sign up under you.

  • michael

    This is for Scott Miller: With Matt Wolfe and the Chris Farrell free Membership site, most of your prayers will be answered.


  • http://www.wolfie-worldwide.com/ Wolfgang

    Hi Matt,I do agree with you,there is too much hype, and now I only open the the emails that I want to recieve (yours and some others)the rest I just delete.
    Another problem I find is that it´s almost impossible to reply to emails, I sometimes feel that things are over automated. I too am one of your customers, and I am pleased with what I have had from you, and I do act on it, but sometimes it takes me a while to understand the instructions.
    I´ve not had much success yet but I am very persistant, and recently I have been awarded Expert Author Status by Ezine articales.
    Keep up the good work, and I would love to know what you think of my site.
    Regards “Wolfie” Wolfgang

  • http://wisdomhealthprosperity.com Rich


    This is a great post, in many ways it covers the frustrations of many in the market place. Whilst I never take for granted the assistance I receive on line you do tire of the insincerity: “Poor and broke guy makes good with discovery which has made me millions but now I will sell you for $27 plus the following 50 bonuses if you buy now”, “here look at my mansion, my car” etc etc. It is not clever marketing. Similarly where a download link to a freebie or special is mailed without saying who is ofering or what the offer is. You end up on an opt in page you don;t know whose nor what you are opting in to…Not clever marketing. 80% of recipients will just delete.

    Anyway You make the point well, Buyers are more and more discerning and if their needs or desires are not precisely targeted they will just delete. Sellers and clever marketers need be far more wary of buyer mentality.

    Keep up the good work


  • http://www.andy-michaels.com Andy Michaels

    Hey Matt,

    You were really going for it in that post!

    And I totally agree with you. It was about 2 months ago that I said the same thing. I stopped ad-swapping and started sending out a newsletter 3 times a week instead with the intention of trying to help other people wade through the mire of IM.

    I can’t deny that short term my business has stalled as obviously my list doesn’t grow at the same rate and I don’t have the potential income from the thank you pages and the bonuses etc but long term I believe it is the correct strategy.

    My problem is that the cowboy approach actually works in this biz. The guys who send out 3 emails a day of the usual recycled junk are the one who grow at a massive rate, making money on OTO’s and continuity programs and screw the folks who actually invest, and that is why many feel the need to emulate them.

    But I have to believe that this is a hare v tortoise kinda thing and that a slow steady, morally sound approach will see me right in the long term. (Ahem, as long as I have the help of my online mates!)

    Thanks again Matt.


  • http://www.richardcrooke.com richard crooke

    Hello Matt,

    Great post, you have done a great job and continue to stay true to your heart. You made a comment about responding to most of everyone’s feedback, this is critical in staying true and building trust. Not many marketers keep in touch with their followers and/or list.

    You must be happy with the outcome from last night’s basketball game.

    Take care and keep up the great work.

  • http://patrickwooley.com Patrick Wooley


    Thank you for finally saying what needed to be said for so long. Everyone seems to have a thousand “good friends” in the IM world who desperately want to give you something because they’re such nice people.

    I do check some of those out, but the reality is that there are very few worth looking at. I hope to see the 50 page sales letters with beach mansions and exotic cars fade away, but I don’t believe they will. Hype has always sold products.

    Don’t get me wrong, this niche is all about who you know and form relationships with, but it’s almost like the friends list on FB. Do you know 95% of them?

    Thanks for the controversial post. And your excellent content. Take care. Patrick

  • http://oilpaintinglessons.org JanPaul

    Yeah I agree about the adswaps. It’s annoying. But in general it’s annoying to be bombarded with pitchmails. Some marketers really overdo it. They send like twice per day. I don’t even read them anymore, while marketers who send me an email once per week, get my full attention.

    I don’t mind so much that people are selling me a dream, with all these silly cars, babes and mansions. It’s just a joke.

    But what I do mind is the steady launch of overprized $ 1997 products. Gets predictable and irritating including Kern.

  • http://www.rogerneumann.com Roger Neumann

    Howdy Matt

    Thank you for the post. What a perfect post! I was skimming the posts from others and is seems they all agree also.

    You gave me a thought for my sales letter: picture this, I am standing in front of my Ferrari (oops, I mean my 2005 Hyundai, Brio) so people can see my license plate that reads HUEYS and has an image of the DFC medal.

    I will tell them I can get from point A to point B in this car just as one can in their Ferrari. It may take me a little longer and that is fine plus people will know more about me from that picture and if they know what the HUEY and the image on the plate really means.

    As you know, I had two careers at the same time, flying and in the sales arena. Both of them for nearly 50 years each. I am near completion of my book on closing sales and how to get your customer’s mind into the proper mindset to say YES to your offer.

    Read my last blog because there is a portion of the book and I know you will find that very interesting reading. Jump over there, leave a comment and let me know how you feel about that post rogerneumann.com


    C-ya soon

  • http://johnbaronsblog.com John Baron

    Hey Matt,

    Great job here on this blog. I really relate to 100 % of what you are saying. Most of these no work required schemes are just giveing thw whole internet industry a bad name. The problem is that soem many people are desparate out there so they will jump on these scams only to find out they don’t work.

    In my mind there is only one way to make it in any business today and that is hard work and building trusted relationships with potential customers.


  • http://davidlouismonk.com David Monk

    The reality is that there will always be new people coming to the internet and will be taken in by the hype.

    When looking to make a start, it is exciting to think you can be equally successful as someone who has already made it big.

    The fact is to make a real success you have to do something, different or better than someone who has got there before you.

    Just in the last few days, I have received numerous emails about a strategy that the vendor of his product guarantees no-one has ever heard of. That can be true, but with the news going to thousands and millions of people if will not belong before that method becomes saturated.

    You definitely have to be a contrarian and not a follower. I Ideally, you want to be a leader or a pioneer to make the massive gains before the herd come rushing in.

    You are correct is saying that there is a lot of rubbish circulating and also there is a lot of what was good information at the time but saturation has killed the market and much of that stuff is being given away as the means of following the more recent trend of giving valuable things away before you recieve back.

    I have still to find my interest and in a market that interests me long enough to make a success. Many newcomers will be taken in by the hype before they read messages like Matt’s that paint it like it is. Nevertheless, the internet does provide opportunities to promote online and offline businesses and plenty of money can be made from the internet as those are successful will testify. The real message that will be told as what Matt has said is not new and is true, but experience from the vast majority will say it is not so easy as all the hype makes out.

    We come back to the core values of knowing, liking and trusting which is what good business in the offline is all about. When I was in sales selling technical products it was all about selling on the foundation that I was selling to get a customer for the company for life and they would come back and buy again.

    There will always be those looking to make a fast buck and if that is there business it will not be a sustainable model. Unfortunately many will be taken in by the scammers who are making their fast buck.

    David Monk

  • http://www.trewnetmarketing.com Claude

    Hi Matt

    At last, an honest point of view! I am still new in this venture and I receive a lot of emails with tempting offers which for a newbie is deadly, but I am now getting wise to the true value of some of these.

    In my mind, the only emails worth investigating are those with a short video presentation and useful contents where we are not promised the world. No more long sale letters with lots of graphics and promises.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who are more interested in making money than delivering worthwhile content so a search on the internet is a must before getting involved.

    You should indeed check who you are doing ad swap with. Only this morning I checked one “fantastic offer” which turned out to be a real scam. Of course I have now unsubscribed from the sender’s list.

    Please continue with your honest postings.


  • http://internetmarketingmythbusters.com Glen Wayne & Dan Tredo

    Matt, we share your frustration completely. It was because of that frustration that we chose the direction that we did. We bust the myths that exist on the internet and try to shine a light that will truly be helpful to everyone with no hype.

    This fall (2010) we are having our I.M. Myth Busters Select Summit. The focus will only be on good marketers that really have their hearts in the right place. Our industry constantly suffers because of the lame crap that has and still is being thrown about.

    The good news is that Dan Tredo, Glen Wayne, Matt Wolfe, Josh Bartlett, Alex Jeffreys and a few other marketers are sincere in moving to the next level where people will be valued and not just be a name in their autoresponder list. The e-whores really need to go away!

    Some of the e-whores are big name marketers and also little guys as well. The bottom line is that this industry is wonderful and the e-whores ruin it for everyone.

    Not a day goes by that a marketer is hyping some product that is “so easy” to profit from. All you have to do is push this “one miracle button” and money just flows into your bank account like an avalanche in the Swiss Alps. Ya right!

    We have never seen anyone profit from that kind of scenario. You have to have patience, desire, be diligent and focused and build a complete system that really works for REAL PEOPLE. The greatest majority of people will not stick around to work that hard but for those that do it, the rewards are great.

    A new day is dawning in internet marketing!

  • http://privatemall.net/wordpress Mark Ward

    Hey Matt: Nice job. I keep getting these ad swaps. Don’t these people know that everyone is getting the SAME STUFF? Why do people have to send out emails EVERYDAY? Please reply. I would like your opinion. Thank you Mark

  • http://www.morganmarketingonline.com Jan Morgan

    HA HA
    HATE those fast car ego poses, seems to always be men that do this? In my mind it’s some type of extension of something that they are lacking. People see right through this type of low class hype and it’s not a good portrayal of sincerity in the least.

    I don’t think the cowboy approach works for very long and is not a long term strategy. It’s almost like look how many people were dumb enough to buy my crappy product and how I foolishly spent the money I should be saving for my kids education!

    I would also like to add that the emails subject lines lately are really pissing me off. Like “Paypal Order Confirmation” or “You’ve Been Approved” Huh? If open rate is what they are after it works, but I immediately unsubscribe because they are time wasters and generally piss me off enough to not even consider reading the junk.

    Glen Wayne I really like the e-whores term Can I borrow it?
    J Morgan

  • http://letupdate.com Dana

    It mean that we should have full control about what we send in our email list. A single mistake can cost a lost in very long time — or even forever.

  • Steven Murray

    Hi Matt, my hat is off to you man, thank you for stepping-up and calling it like it is. You are one of the few who keep it real online and I appreciate it.

    The question that comes to my mind about ad-swaps as a method of growing a list is this: Is it worth it to pimp your list out to other marketers at the expense of confusing the hell out of your subscribers?

    Guru A ad-swaps with Guru B who ad-swaps with Guru C and you see how this keeps multiplying. Now your subscriber is on multiple lists and you are competing for their attention. It just doesn’t make sense to me to do that if you care about the people on your list. Unless, as Matt suggested, you know who it is you are allowing to send to your list.

    What most students of internet marketing want to know is: Can You Help Me? Is anybody out there For Real? Why on earth would you send your subscriber to someone you know is going to pitch them sometimes 2 to 3 times a day?

    Integrity is everything and Matt has it down in spades, I know I am learning from him and will put it into practice.

    Keep it up Matt,


    • http://www.singleguysupremacy.com stephen

      Hang on, are there actually two Steven Murrays here? What are the odds of that?

      Steven Murray – although that is usually Stephen

  • http://www.clicker-training-and-tricks.com jim burrow

    Thanks Matt for being so honest. As one of your glass members, I read and watch everything you say. As a newbie of some 5 months, I too have Opt-in to 80 or more Guru List. After spending a couple of thousand on all these “You must have this now” bla, bla, bla, I finally realized that there was something wrong with this picture.

    I’m about ready to unsubscribe to 80% of those email lists, but you are one of those guys I will be keeping. I have learned so much from your WordPress Glass Room and Auto Pilot Formula video’s, not to mention your blog, that I check back every week to see if there’s any updates.

    Thanks again – jim

    • Jeff

      Hey Jim,
      I can really relate to what you say, as I’ve walk that path not long ago myself and lost my 1000’s as well. You’re absolutely correct that “something just isn’t right” though, and here’s what it is. I learned it from Rich Schefren; MOST marketers online will do their very best to keep their audiences in the perpetual mindset of an “opportunity seeker”, while those who truly care about seeing you succeed will attempt to shift your mindset to that of a “strategic entrepreneur”. As I’m learning, this one change in understanding and mindset alone is HUGE!!
      Peace – Jeff

  • Mark

    Matt, thanks for having the guts to write a post that addresses a real problem. I’m one of the “newbies” who is smothered by the crap from all the wannabees who promote junk like it’s theirs.

    This is one of my pet peeves, marketers who send an email that says “here is your download” or something along that line. They are real smart(?) and think that by doing this they can trick people into opting in to get their download. I’m sure lots of people are tricked and by doing so they just add themselves to yet another marketer’s list.

    “Newbies”, who are struggling to learn, soon find themselves struggling with another problem… an email account that they can’t keep up with. An account that wastes so much time every day that nothing gets done.

    still struggling


  • http://www.joelinpdx.com JoelinPDX

    This response comes from the perspective of a total newbie.

    Why do the GooRoos lie all of the time?

    For instance, the GooRoo tells you that time is limited…you only have 16 hours to take advantage of his great deal. You bookmark the page and check back two days later.What does it say? You know. You only have 16 hours to take advantage of his great deal. Nothing has changed and in a month it won’t have changed. There never was any time limit.

    For instance, the GooRoo tells you that the quantity is limited. There are only 16 left in inventory and when they’re gone you’ll never see his great deal again. The only thing is, we all know these products are electronic…they exist on the GooRoo’s hard drive and can be duplicated as often as he wishes. So why is the GooRoo making out that the supply is limited? Because the GooRoos lie, that’s why.

    Are there ever legitimate reasons to limit time or quantity. Of course. There are good reasons to keep a particular system from becoming general knowledge. But most of the “tactics” that are being sold by the GooRoos are old outdated crap that doesn’t work any more anyway. Why else would they be willing to let go of the goods. If someone possesses a true secret, are they going to be willing to part with it? For any price? Hell no!

    And how about all or these words. Secrets. Autopilot. The one system that’ll show you how to make $10,000 in the next 30 days. All are total BS!

    Maybe I’m not the typical newbie, because I’m not buying into the dream. I don’t care about your Ferrari or your big mansion on the lake. I’m not buying all of that crap about creating a list of 65,319 in 60 days or making $11,327 in the next month.

    And here’s my request to my fellow newbies: DON’T BUY THE CRAP!!!

    If we quit falling for the GooRoos lies, they, at the least, will have to quit telling them or make up new lies for us not to fall for.

    So newbies, repeat after me, “I don’t want your crap and I’m not going to buy it anymore.”

  • Dennis Hughes

    Great post Matt,

    I think that one word describes best what we are all pretty much agreeing on. Integrity. Integrity in what we say. Integrity in what we promote. Integrity in all we do. Without integrity, there can be no trust, and there can be no long term relationship with our customers. We work too hard to build a customer base, only to lose it. It is a whole lot easier to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. We must continue to work our business with integrity, and it will pay off in the long run.

  • http://www.classicmovietime.com Scott Sheen

    It’s becoming more and more frustrating to receive a dozen emails all claiming they have an aunt in Toledo that used this secret method and earned $10,000 in the first month. Do all marketers have an aunt in Toledo?

    To be honest I have thought I might pose in front of my ’95’ Ford Aerostar and use it in a header graphic but I was afraid that might be seen as arrogant. Hey, don’t laugh, it’s a “classic”.


    p.s. If all marketers actually do have aunts in Toledo please delete this.

  • Tahi

    Matt, Your the dude I been lookin for!
    I wish I’d came across you before I bought a different wp tutorial course, I just finished watching all the free vids and learnt more from them than I did off the other course I paid $40 for, as soon as I get enough, I will be purchasing your course for sure. I’ve recently unsubscribed from all lists except yours and a couple others. I see the potential in internet marketing and you seem like someone I can trust to show me how its done.

  • Edward Luke

    I like your thoughts about the websites that have people standing in front of there Ferrari when I see a website like that with the guy in front of his Ferrari and there big million dollar homes it just seems like its a scam are it looks like some kind of fraud because of the Ferrari and big home in the back ground looks like a big show off just to sell and it seems like they trying to sell to hard or to much just don’t seem right so I just click away and delete that kind of website myself.

  • http://www.peterbeckenham.com Peter Beckenham


    Really appreciated your blog post…and your previous email.
    By simply doing this you have differentiated yourself from the pack…and created a significant public accountability for yourself!

    Well done mate.

    As a relative newbie it’s a challenge to create my first product…and it will be not be in internet marketing niche!
    This is my current challenge but your blog post has given me some clearer guidelines and I thank you for that.

    Not every newbie is completely gullible and I still love to check out many of the offers, their email subject lines, sales letters, up-sells and down-sells – I am not interested in WHAT they are selling but HOW they are selling…for me it’s often a free education from the best in the business!

  • http://www.weddingspeechesandtoasts.net Elmien van Vuuren

    I Hello Matt

    I’ve been on your list for a while and lately it is about one of the few I bother to open. In Jan I unsubscribed from all the “junk” but unfortunately “fell in the trap” again. Now I’m cleaning up my inbox again.

    Thx for telling it like it is – the “pose at my ferrari” is my favorite. If I come across a sales letter with a ferrari I’ll just click away. People (on an off-line) who have really made it in life (earn big buck) don’t flaunt it. Period.

    The latest is my inbox getting flooded with exactly the same “sales pitch”. Please guys be a little bit original and send out your own “pitch” So I unsubscirbe the bunch of them. I’m still on Frank Kern’s list because the others just copy and paste his mails.

    It brings you back to: What value do the product provide or are you going to be spammed 24/7?

    Just love your blog
    Elmien van Vuuren
    South Africa – Laduma – May your team win!!

  • Misato Katsuragi

    Hi Matt,
    I totally agree with you about the ‘standing in front of the Ferrari’ thing. The problem with this marketing tactic is that it makes you look like a con artist.

    Even if you are one of the very few who might actually own the car that is in your picture, the vast majority of your fellow internet marketers don’t own the car that they are standing in front of, so no one is going to believe you.

    Now that might mean that they are wrong about you, but them being wrong does not get you the sales. You may as well stand in front of a car that isn’t yours, because you conversion rate will be just as small.

    It’s called ‘guilt by association’, which basically means that if you do or say the same thing that everybody else does, and everybody else is lying, then no one is going to believe you, no matter how honest you are.

    This doesn’t mean that you may as well be dishonest also. What it means is that you need to seperate yourself from all of those in your field who are dishonest, or you will get the same distrust from the general buying public that they do.

  • http://jeanettefitzgerald.com Jeanette Fitzgerald

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the eye opening post. You hit on several hot buttons with internet marketers. The one I hate is when they promote some ad swap junk and don’t even tell you what it is, just click here to open, that is such a lazy way to market.


  • http://anthonymurphyblog.com Anthony Murphy

    Hi Matt,

    I’m so glad you and Josh are finally coming out and talking about this stuff.

    I’ve been trying to find my way into internet marketing for over a year and I’m with Alex’s MWA3 now.

    My biggest problem has been overthinking stuff, trying to rationalise the ethics of what I’m trying to do, and so often the principals fall over for all the reasons you’ve just talked about.

    Ad Swaps are a big bug bear of mine because over the last year there’s been alot of talk about how your e-mail inbox is killing your success, going through your e-mails looking for the next big thing.

    The irony is that the people telling me that, are the very same people that were flogging ad-swaps like there’s no tomorrow. A couple inparticular were mailling me every day!

    Some good did come from it though, I was struggling to find things to write articles about, until I got back after a weekend away to find 150 odd e-mails in my inbox. I was inspired to write an article that I called The Death of Ad-swaps as a result.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing this stuff to the fore, I hope you get alot of traffic from newbies like me, because this kind of stuff really helps restore faith in the online community.



  • http://www.bizgm.com/bizace Robert Cadle

    I could have written this myself and changed nary a word.

    To be fair, I see even some lesser known people turning
    around their former ways and giving more than they get.

    While too many family tragedies have hampered me from ever
    getting a real “leg up” on internet marketing, I have a number of successes in the “real world”. LOL

    So I can speak from the experience of a person who always gave more than he got, initially, and while that get’s your throat cut a few times in business, fair and nice being considered naive and stupid by the predators, we built a rock solid number of customers who did react well to our giving nature.

    Frank Kern? I will love the day when I can buy from him, or even drive to San Diego and hear him play that guitar that someone gave him a couple three years ago.

    In my first three years I bought dozens of products, a lot of which were junk, but I single out Chris Carpenter as a person of class as well.

    One thing in defense of all marketers.

    If you buy their product and never open it, it does not work.

    LOL (In a Hollow Way)


  • http://www.ryankoblasa.com Ryan K

    Hey Matt! Good points. I hope you aren’t getting discouraged. I am still trying to make my first dollars online and am constantly at odds on how and what methods I should take or use in order to generate those first dollars.

    It seems that the make money online method is the best and quickest way to profit, but I want it to be something I am interested in. And I can’t say at this time I could feel comfortable claiming I am an expert at making money online when I haven’t made a dime.

    I need the direction to choose the right path. I hope that your changes bring you closer to the things you desire as I will be working hard to get myself to a good place as well.

    I need to do this in order to get my kids back in my life and be able to be there for them. I need to do well so I can take care of my family.

    Keepijng the fingers crossed!
    Ryan K

  • Alex

    Hey Matt,

    Good to see this post and your views on the online marketing landscape. I am seeing you develop into a more trustworthy marketer…thats great! As to your question…”Do people really think that others can’t see through this?”…well sadly some people dont….especially people who are introduced to this kind of marketing for the first time…and many people once they get sucked in…they keeping jumping from one thing to another till they figure out that there is no big secret and that it takes work and planning!

    Best Wishes,


  • http://www.DaveStephensOnline.com Dave In Wales

    Hi Matt,
    I have often emailed promoters of products asking how much they have made with the product they are pimping – always the answer is that they haven’t even tried it!
    Also, Having been inundated with ‘Freebie from my good friend….’ offers, which just subscribes you to someone elses. It’s easy to see how people become confused with information overload. I know of one Internet Marketing coach who actually encourages his students to use this principle and then wonders why his newbie students become distracted and lose focus, consequently not making any money.
    For myself I’ve ben taking this honest approach too, knowing it won’t win me any merits with the big shots doesn’t bother me, I’m not in this to impress them, win their favour or get a brown nose.
    Hopefully this ethos will bring a much needed wave of honesty and integrity to the Internet Marketing community.

    I seemed to have ranted….sorry :)

    Look forward to reading your reviews Matt :)

    Success and freedom to ya


  • http://www.joefizz.com Wayne Evans (Joe)

    Hi Matt,

    Good points, well made.

    I always abide by this simple rule…

    Your reputation takes years to develop and seconds to lose it!

    So be careful…

    best regards


  • http://www.maxinternationalcellularenergy.com Linda

    You are absolutely right Matt and it is obvious they all use the same sales product machine for their squeeze pages, as they all started out on skid row, broke and at the end of the road, before the discovered the ‘How To Make Millions Overnight’ approach online, which they are begging you, or insisting you need to pay into. As others have said, after the loooooong, looooong, sales pages (turns me off straight away most of the time), the programs you opt into are often someone else’s and have an upsell, which makes the first paid for special a bit useless to follow without, buying more… disappointing… so guess what? No action taken. I think that one of the replies, mentioning your WordPress Classroom video training program, plus Chris Farrell’s Membership Site and free ebook are the BEST way forward for newbies. Wish I had found them earlier. Ben Schaffer is another guy who seems to be genuine about giving quality product, even if I haven’t made the most of them. Short and sweet is the way to go with sales pages today I think. Thanks Matt

  • http://interactive-blogger.com Peter Davies

    Hi Matt

    I see this ones provoked some reaction. Totally agree with the Ferarri/flash house thing – I can see it is insulting to many people, they are weighing on peoples aspirations which is marketing at its worst and is old fashioned.

    I have rained in my Ad Swaps to a rigid 3 times a week mainly with people I know well enough to trust as this keeps the list ticking over and generates a small income – I see nothing wrong with that as long as one doesn’t hammer their lists daily like many I see doing – I optin and check their offers but maybe dont test them as thoroughly as I should.

    From a product perspective I have one in the pipeline which talks you in detail through building your Sales Funnel – again it is something that works for me which I can prove so I see nothing wrong with it.

    Unfortunately as we are in the IM money making Niche and given how competitive it is we are going to get the type of thing you describe, people building lists aggressively, selling anything they can, its the nature of the beast.



  • walter daniels

    My product (e-book) isn’t ready yet, I have to scrape up enough to pay for the site and add that info to the book. However, after reading all the comments, I think the intro letter/video could go truly viral. :-) Causing thousands, if not millions to die, from not being able to breathe, because they laughed too hard.
    The video/letter opens with the usual hard luck story (true, and I can prove it), then shows my “dream house.” A sand castle, and an outhouse, for the summer home. The fancy car, will be a MatchBox car, on a table. The “Hot Babe,” I don’t have figured out yet (Barbie maybe?).
    . . . Have y’all stopped laughing yet? I want to do several things with it. Obviously, promote the free, stark naked, stripped down version of the book; Have people talking about me (and laughing); Blow the H–L out of the usual IM approach, with humor; Finally, prove I (a total unknown) know I’m talking about.
    I’ve spent 30 years, four business, and more hours of self-education than I can count, learning what I know. I’d like to be a Frank Kern type, someday, but as long can pay the bills I’m halfway happy. I don’t want to be big, just one of the top 5 or 10 in my field. If I’m completely unknown outside the group that’s fine with me.

  • http://www.philippineoutsourcing.com Jeffrey Evans

    Hey Matt, mind if I add to your rant? Another beef I have is Marketer A has gained credibility with me. I get an email from him so I take the time to open it. None of the message is from him. Not even a review by him. It is all Marketer B’s message. While I may like Marketer B – and I do, Marketer A just lost a notch in the credibility department. Another is those that represent a product that is just trading on their name. It becomes very clear very fast that they actually have nothing to do with the creation of the product or future support of it. I buy a lot of this c-rap. In my business I have to know what these different programs are about. I would estimate that fewer than 5% have an original idea or concept. (And I think I am being generous) Something for my to do list: Put a sign over my computer that says – buy or review nothing that uses the terms fast or quick or easy cash.

    Thanks – I feel better.

  • http://www.CentsableGourmet.com Lorian Rivers

    BRAVO! The “Ferrari/HUGE house” pictures always kill me. REALLY? who do you think you are impressing? Certainly not me. And most are reselling the same stuff others are reselling…and have no idea whatsover how to really succeed themselves!

  • http://www.antiagingutopia.com Nikki

    Hey Matt,

    interesting post and it’s nice to see someone with passion address this. A few days ago I purchased a WSO, assuming naively, that anyone selling their product on that site would be on the up and up. What I received was some so called tips that basically involved stealing other people’s work, conning people into clicking links with a false job offer and more of the same. I was quite appalled by the tactics and very annoyed with myself for spending money on them.

    I’ve been in IM for less than a month and yet to make a dime, however, I need to be able to sleep at night too. That would be impossible if the money I made was by lying and or ripping people off.

    Bravo to you and others like you for having decency, integrity and a sense of what’s right and wrong.

  • http://*** Elder

    Hi Matt,
    I agree with you 100%. But my question is: How long we will see people buying the same old formula stuff? Is there room for these ready-made things? Why people can’t just launch new products that will enhance other people’s lives? As matter of fact you are doing a great job here, teaching all of us many things for newbies like me. Hope you can come down to Brazil for a seminar! Thanks again!

  • http://www.jasonser.com Jason Ser

    Hi Matt,
    That’s exactly the reason why I had been so careful to launch the so called [Money Making] product myself. I recently started a discussion blog section called [Marketing Black Box] and talk a bit about marketer attempt to understand the innner mind workings behind a consumers decision.

    In response to that section’s introduction, my friend Giofranco leave a comment that says…

    ” Greed is a very powerful force, and is instrumental in developing new mechanics. But an ethycal sense can leverage the new mechanics for a good end.

    For example, greed devices scams. Ethycal marketers can turn a scam into an opportunity to warn prospective buyers about the scam, and so create an outpost of information and trust.

    So a marketer can create a good business leveraging the scams around acai berry, directing prospective buyers to a reputable acai berry supplier.”

    I feel that Giofranco pointed out the Driven Factor behind the [Money Making] Niche for both the seller and the buyer is Greed.
    The Greed to overnight and easy riches.It seems that the situation is getting worst as the days goes by, “value” on the IM niche is really a overrated word nowadays. The players in this Get-Rich-Quick games will never end, as long as we human exist…but I really think that the IM niche is simple heading up for a major bubble-burst soon if they keep creating overhype but underdeliver products at the rate we are seeing now.

    That’s what I came to my mind today when I read this post of yours ….again. I had read it 2 weeks ago for so many times and love every word you said. It could be sad and frustrating, but I rather face the real truth and nothing else.

    Jason Ser

    P/S: Have you check the MWA Forum lately, I had send you a PM about your WPC2.0.

  • http://www.truesuccesskit.com Michael


    Thanks for the honesty. It means a lot to a newbie like me. I am trying several products now to make money and some are OK and some are not. But, I will withhold judgment for now until I learn more.
    You appear to be a person that likes to help others get ahead. That is a rare quality these days. Keep up the good work!


  • http://www.dfi-wealth-mgmt.com Dan


    Ref:What’s wrong in internet marketing?

    I couldn’t agree more. Some of the internet marketing promotions can be laughable. So much time is wasted especially on Webinars with self-promoting nonsense with pictures of cars, boats homes, etc and sad stories about how tough life was until they found the magic key to internet marketing. In some cases a viewer has to listen 10 minutes or more on these self-promotions. So much wasted time. I would prefer a presenter getting straight to the point and not waste so much time.


  • http://www.googlemetalkradio.com “Digital” Don Hill

    It’s heartening to know that people are starting to realize that the “make money” niche is one of the most difficult to succeed in online. Most people can spot a phony a mile away, and unfortunately those who don’t – and who fall for the con-artists – were described long ago by P.T. Barnum as part of a group of people whose population grows at the rate of one per minute!

    I personally don’t participate in ad-swaps at all. I respect and value of the relationship I have with the people on my list far too much to blindly shill for anyone else that I don’t know personally and have a great deal of respect for. If someone wants access to my subscribers, they’re going to have to go through ME to get to them – and I’m not an “easy sell.” I was reared by parents who owned a small grocery store, and I learned first-hand the importance of the relationship that exists (or rather, SHOULD exist) between a business and its customers. That’s ESPECIALLY true with regard to people who COULD become customers (AKA your subscribers).

    That having been said, when I do encounter someone who impresses me, and provides real VALUE – both in the products they offer AND in the “unpaid” assistance they provide, I have no problem at all in recommending them to my subscriber list – whether I receive any direct benefit or not. Some may accuse me of being naive, but I’m able to sleep well at night (and I’ve made a few good friends as a result, too).

    While I suppose you could say that I’m involved in the “make money online” niche, I try to differentiate myself from the “gurus” by confessing right up front that I’m not one of THEM – just another “regular guy” who’s trying to figure out how to make a decent living online honestly and ethically, by applying the skills that have served me well for over 30 years in the “offline” world until a back injury forced me to “retire” in 2006. I refuse to accept the notion that my future income will be limited to the measly crumbs doled out to me by the Social Security Administration (which could collapse at any given moment, thanks to the quality Government we’ve found ourselves saddled with).

    So I started studying Internet Marketing…

    Matthew, you’re doing everything right as far as I’m able to ascertain. You’re providing quality information to people who need and WANT it. The latter is CRITICAL in successful marketing. Everyone in the world may NEED a product, but they won’t actually BUY it until they WANT it bad enough.

    To those who are new to all of this, I recommend that you learn the “mechanics” of online marketing, and then focus on helping existing “offline” businesses (many of which could really use your help right now, and many are willing to pay you for it).

    Thanks for letting me borrow your soap box, Matthew. I’ll give it back to you now. You know how to use it well!

  • Pearl

    hi Matt,

    So true, my mailbox is full of these gurus that claim to have made all this money and you can tell its not true at all.

    Keep up the great posting letting us newbies know what is fact or fiction.

    I’m really tired of getting tons of emails when a (big boy) does a launch everybody and their mother is promoting it. Some even send the exact email they didn’t even bother to write their own email.

    That tells me they have no idea if the product is good or not.

  • http://bit.ly/b7mw1D elvis

    Dude i love your blog!!!! you know how many emails i get with the so called “Gurus” smiling face telling me how much money they’re making online while not really trying. You probably know who i’m talking about too! Those so called Millionaire “gurus”! man those guys irritate me! I found a few honest guys but 99% of those other guys are a bunch of SOBs that if they could make a good profit they would sell their mom!!!

    Good blog Matthew

  • http://rosekline.com Rose

    hi Matt, My name is Rose Kline and I am new to internet marketing, at least to making it go somewhere.. I was on informstion over load with all the Guru email I was recieving am=nd the programs they werew selling. Then I found Mark Terrel and he was so helpful. I decided to truy his coaching. The first thing he has us doing is a blog. I am new to this and may make mistakes but feel I will make it with his helpful coaching. If you care to see my blog, I wouls appreciate any comments or help. To our success, Best wishes to you,

  • http://www.lifestyledesignunleashed.com Richard @ Lifestyle Design Unleashed

    Two other things which bug me about the IM industry…

    Firstly it is people recycling and regurgitating the same (often incorrect) information over and over. 90% of IM blogs contain the same old content just written in different ways. I think as an industry we need to put more emphasis on originality.

    The second thing is lack of value. I was on a large number of mailing lists some years ago and while I don’t mind (indeed I even expect) a promotion from time to time, many of these marketers *only* emailed their list when they had something to sell and it just got boring. I stopped even opening the emails and eventually unsubscribed.

    However those marketers who offer me *value* – who make me want to open their emails to see what gems they’ve sent me this time – are far more likely to get a sale out of me because they have built up trust and rapport with me.

  • http://underconstruction skegsy

    !`ve just unsubscribed to 95% of my email lists and feel great!

    At last a manageable inbox!

    Oh and no, i haven`t unsubscribed from yours Matt!

    I do think though that one email every 2-3 days is about right.

  • Mike FD

    Hit-the-nail-on-the-head Matt.

    I haven’t been about long but there is some crap out their – unfortunately some of it from people who should know better.

    As you say, the message the copy gives is often several degrees of reality away from what you find when you get inside.

    It took me a while but I managed to sort the wheat from the chaff, and Clickbank are very good with the refund policy so my resaearch to find integrity of purpose in IM did not cost anything.

    Thanks for being there – it is reassuring for a person starting out.


    Mike FD

  • TheSuperbad

    What they do is ridiculous and i can’t believe it works at all. They are oriented to Idiots. If I found an offer to get a Ferrari for $3 in that style I wouldn’t buy it.

  • James

    Hi Matt,

    You are right on the money here. When I get an email from a lazy marketer I just hit the delete. I don’t bother to even look at the body. The ones that really get me is the ones that come with “Hey {firstname} in stead of the name I used to opt in with. How are they going to teach me anything when they can’t even set up their own list correctly.

    The other thing is the emails that say “I got this cool product for you” or “you gotta have this” but they never say what the product is. These are the one you’re talking about. They never take the time time find out what they are passing on, or telling me anything about it. The sad thing is that this applies to about 90% of the emails I get.

    This is a good post, we need to see more IM Professionals taking the high road. Maybe it will help push the lazy, scammers back to the used car lots.


  • Andy

    Hi Matt
    A very honest and true article. I am new to all this internet marketing malarky and feel lost most of the time, not knowing who to trust and more importantly who not to! You have gained a lot of my trust today Matt. Thank You.

  • http://armarkatcattree.net/ Mary Elliot

    A great post, Matt, and particularly apt at this moment when so much junk has been offered on Clickbank lately under the guise of ‘instant traffic machines’!

    We can do no better than encourage everyone to join the Warrior Forum and check with them before buying anything that promises ‘instant riches’.


  • http://drivinginfrance.org/ Dave Griffiths

    Recently signed up to the wordpress classroom videos. Enjoying them so far. Thanks .

  • http://www.enzogenolglobal.com Michelle

    Hi Matt, Great article. For the honest marketers with real products that really benefit people, the IM world has great systems and automation to help with marketing. Unfortunately there may be only a handful of successful marketers ‘ Gurus’ who really know to help drive a business forward online. Pushing trashy products is not a sustainable business model, with or without the flash car!

  • http://onlinebusinessmakingmoney.com Franklin

    All I got to say is that Internet Marketing can be your business, but you have to be determined and committed no matter what failures you have…it is a business and it is yours if you want it to be and not just to be rich…that is a wrong mentality to have. I am trying to create a business because I have a family and I love my family and I want to help them. Money is not the answer to all people’s problems, but it sure is good to have it. Also, money is like tool chest, money is a tool and it depends on how you use it. If want a business you can do it, don’t listen to negative people, they will rub off on you, thanks!!

  • goent

    There is so much to filter out here, that it can make some grow weary…those you mention are rampant and yet it continues. With all the mumbo jumbo of how you are suppose to help other’s but all they can really think about is how to get the next buck from some new person or noob out here. It’s why online marketing get’s the bad rap mostly…I guess it only takes 1 bad apple in the bushel.

  • http://whoisjohnrobbins.com John Robbins

    You know I got this e-mail an hour or so ago, I bought a local seo product yeaterday, that’s what I do selling web services to local businesses and showing them how to build a list on their websites to offer discounts promotions ect… Now this product was sold and I won’t offend peopble by saying what the product is and who sold it to me, however we all remember a certain traffic x product launced early this year on CB, this PP slide show video course is theirs, not the person who sold it to me, and as far as local SEO is concerned it offers little or no value, as with their software I bought and immidiately had refunded as it was not what it described (blind salescopy don’t you just hate it)

    Anyway here’s the thing the product was recommended by a major reputable marketer, (who should know better) not one of the above but if I named him you would all know him clearly a list swop excercise and it is for the basic of basic newbies.

    So even with the above guidelines (and I trusted this guy) use your due dilligence, as I just paid for an american guy to sell me a slideshow from british guys who had no idea of American terms, sold for local search, but as traffic getting software, and this was it’s only bit of training, and of course it’s already gathering dust on my hardrive as it’s pretty much worhless. for example they describe making local sites for chicago as estate agents and opticians chicago Lol, I having spent time in the states know it’s real estate and optomitrist there, talk about not doing their research lol. anyway that’s my rant for the day – another blog Rofl

    John Robbins

  • Oscar Halpert

    Thanks, Matt! I so agree. It was exciting to me to find out that every subscriber to a mailing list(s) is potentially worth $1/month but you know what? It’s meaningless unless I’m providing real value and connecting with the human beings on that list. It’s also great to do list swaps and JV deals but they’re meaningless unless I know for a fact that the products will help my followers. Anyone who just sends out offers to their list is disrespectful of that list and has no reason being in this business, in my opinion.

  • http://mycountyclassifieds.net Bryan Jackson

    Yes, I’ll ‘Like’ your post and yes I’d love to make a comment but I don’t plan on writing a book anytime soon and there are plenty of posts hear already for many, many chapters – Let’s just say that the IM world is out of control and headed for a rude awakinng – The backlash is already underway yet the greedy opportunist continue to try and milk the system for all it’s worth no matter what the cost. I just had a guy from Canada email me about how he’s been struggling to make it online for the past 2 years. I was planning to mentor him myself (I did some seo work for him) but I’m way too busy with my own projects at this time. I think instead, I’ll point him toward the 3 marketer’s that I feel will be the most beneficial to him and then rest assured that he will be in good hands and most likely profit within a short period. Of course I’m a huge (hint:) WP fan so it won’t be a surprise to anyone who one of the marketers that I recommend to him that he follow will be, but I bet anyone reading this post will know of whom I speak.

  • http://wpblog-themes.com/ Dee Adams

    Great post, and I basically agree with everything your wrote. However, I think that these are really a lot more complicated subjects. Even as a non-newbie, it’s really hard for me to decide what’s the right way to go about promoting my products. I followed a sales letter formula from a very well-known and respected guru but I’m finding that I’m uncomfortable using that sales letter because of the hype. Yes, you can say “be yourself” on one hand but on the other you see everybody hyping it to the roof, even the very well respected gurus of the industry. So, what is the solution?

  • http://kathybraschler.com Kathy Braschler

    Loved your post Matt…it almost sounds like it belongs on my site…

  • http://www.coastalhealthinfoservicedotcom.wordpress.com Angela

    There have been far too many times when I have signed up for someone’s newsletter when they said they would send me tips on marketing or how to’s or what ever it was I needed the information on. I would get a couple of emails with good information that I could really use and then, WHAMY!!! I would start to get all this crap about how this product will do wonders for something I didn’t even sign up for. I’ve had to unsubscribe to so many of these newsletters like this. Why can’t people just deliver what they say they are going to deliver? If you are going to be have the majority of your newsletters be about promoting someone else’s product then say so.

  • http://www.southernaffiliate.com Jonathon

    My favorite line from your post is “””Selling “how to make money online” products without ever having made money online””” and I would agree wholeheartedly. The “make money online” niche is over-saturated with merchants and their affiliates. Most affiliates in that niche fall into the category that Angela highlights in her post. Most are lazy and easily spotted with their “””he you must look at this ====>link””” spammy emails.

  • http://www.onlinebusinessprocess.com Stacy Slagle

    I agree with you all the way Matt! You should not promote a product you wouldn’t use yourself! I have learned from the best Matt Wolfe! Also you should know how to use the product in case someone on your list has a question!

  • http://howtobehealthyfortoday.com Geri

    I really appreciate this blog. I think this is one of the most honest blogs I have seen in my five journey through internet marketing. One more thing I wanted to add to all the comments preceding is that in a-lot of the “systems” that I have fallen for, even some that were educational for someone just starting into marketing, that there are many outdated or closed down parts. It is frustrating when you are following along with a video tutorial and go to a site that is represented on the video only to find that it no longer exists. Many times, that in itself blows the whole rest of the tutorial. So, marketers, if you are going to re-issue an old system, at least have the consideration to go through it to make sure all sites or whatever are still viable.


  • http://www.deedawberonline.com Dee

    Hi Matt
    I did a post recently about well known marketers crossing the line. I just unsubscribe however much I used to respect them, they have now lost all credibility.
    I believe in ethical and honest marketing and I intend to retain my integrity.
    Yes, we all have to make a living, but for me, not on ‘dirty’ money.

  • http://graphicdesignin3weeks.blogspot.com/ hilmi

    I dont have any comments about your work or your posts, but I love them, And I always
    follow you at your blog and read all your posts step by step. THANS