The Fastest Ways To Grow Your Mailing List

biglistToday I want to explain how I build my list so fast.
It’s been a while since I have posted a tutorial type post on my blog. Everything I’ve been doing lately has been about personal stuff. You’ve seen my Crib, learned 25 things about me, and met my new puppy. Today I want to talk about the one thing that will grow an internet marketing business faster than any other thing that you could possibly do. Of course I am talking about growing that mailing list. The bigger you can grow your mailing list, the more success you are going to have online. Whether you are promoting your own product or you are promoting other people’s product as an affiliate, the larger your mailing list, the larger your audience.

About eight weeks ago I had no mailing list. I had zero subscribers. I made it my 100% focus to build that mailing list as fast as possible. In a period of about seven weeks, I went from not even having an Aweber account to having a mailing list with over 1,000 subscribers. The cool thing is that I know for a fact, that I will double my list in less than one more month. My list grows at a rate of about 50 new subscribers per day. So it really should only take about 20 more days to completely double my list.

Why has building my list been my number one goal over the last several months, you might ask… You may also be wondering why I made the statement that building a list is the fastest way to grow an internet marketing business. Well, to answer both of those questions, internet marketers much wiser than myself have said over and over again that one subscriber on your list is worth one dollar per month. So if I am growing my list at a rate of 50 subscribers per day, I am growing my business by about $50 per month! If you do the math, I should have about a $3,000 per month business in no less than 40 days time at the rate that I am going.

So now that you know the importance of growing your mailing list. Let me share with you the top 3 techniques that I have used to grow my mailing list.

JV Giveaways -This was the absolute first thing that I started doing after I had a free product created. You can enter your free product in to these JV Giveaway events and every single person that has submitted a product, promotes the JV giveaway. This causes a massive flood of traffic to the JV giveaway and some of that traffic finds, and opts-in for, your product. JV Giveaways usually have an option to upgrade for a price. I tend to like to upgrade as well. Upgrading gets your product in front of a lot more people. I have done about 50% of my JV giveaways without upgrading and about 50% with upgrading. When I upgrade, I usually get about four times as many subscribers from the event than if I didn’t upgrade. JV Giveaways are the best way to start building your list before you really have many people on your list to leverage.

ListJoeListJoe is a cool little site that I found that I don’t think is very well known yet. Basically, when you sign up for ListJoe (100% Free), you will be able to send out a mailing to 2,000 people immediately. That’s right, you will mail 2,000 people within 10 minutes of signing up. From that point on, you will begin receiving e-mails from other ListJoe members. For each e-mail you open, you will receive a certain amount of points. One point is equal to one person mailed to on your next mailing. You will receive a lot of e-mails per day but you can build up your points and send out to a list of about 3,000 per week. You might think that this doesn’t sound too effective because you are just sending to other ListJoe members. However, I have only sent 2 mailings so far and it has accounted for over 150 new subscribers. I would definitely not downplay the ability of this service. If you are interested in playing around with ListJoe check it out here.

Adswaps – Adswaps are probably the absolute fastest way to build your list up. However, adswaps are difficult unless you already have a little bit of a list built up. Basically, you are telling someone that you will promote their opt-in page to your list if they promote your opt-in page to their list. Most people will only do adswaps with people who have similar list sizes to their own. Adswaps are basically a way to leverage the list that you currently have. I have, however, asked people with lists much larger than mine to do an adswap and been surprised that they had accepted. So I would say that even though your list may be smaller than someone else’s, it never hurts to ask. You might be surprised at some people’s generosity.

Because I have made list building my complete focus over the last several weeks, I have decided to dive in deeper and explain some of the advanced techniques that I have also learned that I have used to boost my list exponentially. I want to teach people how I manage to grab about 50 new subscribers per day. To do this, I have created a two-week course that dives in to list building. The course is 100% free and each lesson is delivered to your e-mail. There is no site to log in to and you can save all of the information to your hard drive as you go. The course digs in to everything from the initial setup of a mailing list all the way in to super advanced techniques that can potentially build your list by hundreds of subscribers overnight. I also cover several resources to find things like adswaps and JV partners. You really don’t want to miss out on this free opportunity to explode your list over the next 2 weeks. To get started with the first lesson today, simply enter your e-mail address in the form below. Otherwise, please leave a comment with your list building tips or your thoughts on my list building tips.

2014 Update: New list building course coming soon. Opt-in through my sidebar to get details of when this new training will be available.

  • Hey Matt,

    Sounds like everything is rocking for you and thanks for pointing me in the direction of List Joe, which I am checking out now. I have been using Mike Filsaimes List Dot Com with the ability of mailing 5k every 2 days, but TBH, this has produced little.(surprisingly)

    With ref to JV giveaways, this is the simplest way of starting to grow that list, I too agree with the option of upgrading to get better results.

    I’m not quite there with Adswaps, but as the list gets a little bigger, I hope to utilise this resource too but I do get people join my list via twitter and tweeting various free reports/ebooks to help, but no over doing it.

    Finally, did you know that your blog is the highest refering site to my Blog? Well you do now πŸ™‚

    Talk soon


    • Matt

      That’s awesome Sean! I’m glad that I can help. πŸ™‚

      ListJoe is hit or miss with me. I know for a fact that it is responsible for at least 40 opt-ins so far. That makes it worth it to me. I know that when I’m clicking through all the e-mails that I get from ListJoe, something grabs me here and there. I have opted-in to people’s lists from their mailing on listjoe. So I know it’s possible. Your page just needs to grab them above the fold…


  • Thanks for the heads up on ListJoe…awesome resource for those with small or non-existent lists.

    I’ll be having another go at JV’s when I get something to offer.

    As for Adswaps…not sure about them as I hate getting them in my email and I’m not one for being two faced.

    .-= Rod Macbeth?s last blog ..The Path to the Four Hour Workweek?Outsourcing the Correct Way =-.

    • Matt

      I guess there are really a couple schools of thought on AdSwaps. I pick and choose my adswaps carefully. I only work with people that I think my list will benefit from their product. If you look at it from that perspective, you are only providing value to your list. I have done several adswaps now where I have had people thank me for turning them on to a free product. It does happen. Some subscribers see them as valuable. Check out the MWA forum. I was told recently that someone that I swapped with received several e-mails thanking them for turning them on to the WordPress Classroom. That type of thing makes me feel really good about adswapping.


  • Matt,
    These are great tips and I will definitely look into List Joe. Sounds great! Although not as quick, I have built a lot of my list simply by folks visiting my blog, so I continue to put forth effort to send traffic that way as well. -Norene
    .-= Norene?s last blog ..Weekly Wrap-Up =-.

  • hey matt,

    im so proud that you have built your list to the first 1,000
    and now you see it easy to build it to 2,000 by the month end
    and also im proud that you know the potential it will bring you.

    EG – $3,000 a month

    now dude … do the math –

    – have a 20,000 list …. πŸ™‚

    you’ll never have to do another hard day work in your life,

    enjoy your new found success

    Alex Jeffreys
    .-= Alex Jeffreys?s last blog ..step by step how to become rich in a recession =-.

    • Matt

      Thanks for the comment Alex! You rock.

      Thanks for turning me on to List Building. I just can’t believe I didn’t start this 3 years ago when I jumped in to IM. I could be at that list of 20,000 by now.


  • Hey Matt,

    Awesome post mate, I had not heard of ListJoe, so will definitely be checking that out!

    At first when you said ListJoe, I thought that might be your nickname for your friend Joe Fier. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for all the cool info! 8)

    .-= Paul Lear?s last blog ..How I Use MyBlogLog To Drive Targeted Traffic =-.

  • This is great stuff, man!

    I’ve used all of these tactics and they are starting to really pay off for me, as well. I don’t have anything near the size of your list, but I’m growing steadily.

    And everyone, ListJoe is the real deal. If you don’t have many subscribers and really want to leap into action QUICKLY, sign up now and send that first msg to 2,000. I can’t think of a better way to get your product in front of so many people at once when starting out.

    I subscribed to your lessons, Matt… now it’s time to learn from the best!

    .-= Joe Fier?s last blog ..Go VIRAL! Learn to Retweet Your Blog Posts =-.

  • Hey Matt

    That’s pretty cool man, looks like you’ve got things building pretty quickly now πŸ™‚

    I will be checking out ListJoe and see what that brings!

    I did recently join something similar which brought me 65 opt ins in my first mailing, but I am still testing it for now. The only thing with it, is it costs $$$ to join. I think ListJoe has a similar upgrade option also…

    Could be worth it though if it produces good results πŸ™‚

    Take care,

    .-= Paul Wilson?s last blog ..My Press Release is Live?! =-.

  • Wow, you really open my mind here. It seems your tips surely can give me immediately list increasing.

    Btw, How do you maintain the list that you already have? This is the most important part i think.
    .-= Dana@online Knowledge?s last blog ..Install Favicon and make difference =-.

    • Matt

      Hi Dana,
      My free list building e-mail course goes in to details about how I keep the list that I have.

      Two rules of thumb that I always keep in mind:
      1. Always write to them like you would write an e-mail to a friend. Don’t make anything sound like a sales pitch ever.

      2. Give lots of value. If most of your e-mails give tips and tricks, people are going to want to stay on to see what you can teach them next. Just provide value and people will stick around.

      You can get more details in my e-mail course.


  • Matt-

    Great post. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I too will check out the List Joe folks. Great to see your progress and success. Congrats and keep it rolling!!

  • Hi Matt,

    I think this is your best post so far.

    I’m doing giveaways and adswaps and getting good results now.
    Hadn’t heard of ListJoe so thanks for the tip and I’m heading over there now.

    What I’m missing now is the part of the plan where our lists earns money for us (apart from upsells from giveaways/adswaps which gets me a bit) so I hope you’ll be doing a post on that in the future πŸ™‚


    .-= Keith Purkiss (Alex Jeffreys Student)?s last blog ..Challenge from an Alex Jeffrey?s Student =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Keith,
      Well I currently have a product for sale (The WordPress Classroom Pro). Most of my money comes from that. When I give advice about tools or services that I use, I usually throw in affiliate links and make commissions here and there.


  • Hey Matt,

    Good work my friend. I have kept up to date with you regularly through your list building journey and its been great seeing it happen. Its amazing how much easier it gets too when you get past your first 500 or so. The next 500 takes no time at all and so on.

    Its like the snowball effect.

    Good stuff man, its a great post. What I will say though is,

    ListJoe.. I used alot of sites like this years back, the problem is people ONLY click to get the points so they get the clicks back, because they get bombarded with NON focused emails so much from other members. Because of this the results you get from something like this is usually terrible.

    Also, conversion rates would be non existent.

    As Sean said above, even with Mike Filsaimes system which is HUGE, he isnt getting great results. I would personally recommend using all the other techniques though because I also know from experience that they work. Ive been doing them right along side Matt with similar results and it really does get easier after you get to that 500 or so mark.

    Great post buddy, your blog is always quality. Nice to see Alex stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment too!

    Catch you soon buddy!

    .-= Josh?s last blog ..Introducing Easy Video Player! =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Josh,
      Thanks for commenting. It is getting easier. Once your list gets bigger, you get the opportunity to leverage your size through adswaps. It’s getting really fun, isn’t it?

      As far as ListJoe, my initial experience was a good one. I had at least 40 subscribers so far from it. I’m going to keep using it for now until it stops being effective.


  • Great timing on this post, Matt. I just was forced to change autoresponders, and what a huge pain that has been. I pretty much instantly dropped from a list of almost 3,000 to less than 200. I offered a freebie as an incentive to confirm a switchover, but subscribers can be lazy and not click the link. It’s very frustrating. Maybe in time they still will if they don’t delete the email I sent out. Time is running out on that, and I can’t do it twice. I also did not do well with an ad swap last year, even though we had similar list sizes. I have done best with the JV giveaways. And now I can’t wait to give List Joe a try! So glad you gave us that info!
    .-= Roberta?s last blog ..Do These Bother You? They Sure Irritate Me. =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Roberta,
      Switching Autoresponders can definitely be a pain. I initially had GetResponse and I really didn’t like it. I switched to Aweber and had to ditch the small list that we had.

      Thanks so much for commenting.


  • Hey Matt,

    This is a great post to round up the list building techniques you have used so far and from our Skype discussions, you are really making progress with your list!

    Thanks for giving me the lowdown on your results when paying for the upgrade in the JV Giveaways, I will be doing this myself as soon as I get my second free report written.

    Ad Swaps – enough said. They are by far the most effective list building technique I have used so far and now I have broken the 500 subscriber barrier, escalating things should be much easier.

    I had not heard of List Joe before and I am usually sceptical of programs such as this but if it is giving you positive results then keep on going!

    I am also looking forward to your list building product. It should be a real eye opener!

    Speak soon.

    .-= David Walker?s last blog ..Find Your Passion and Success Will Follow =-.

  • Hey Matt

    How are ya mate?

    Wow great going my friend, you are just getting better and better well done.

    Its great seeing you doing this, I remember when you was not getting a regular enough income.

    Look at you now.

    Great stuff.

    speak soon.

    ps..still up for an adswap!!
    .-= marcus passey?s last blog ..My Stats, My Motivation, My Plan =-.

  • Lee

    Hey Matt,
    Great post. I have added it to my site as I feel it is such great info. Also, pushing your 2 week list building course there too!
    Good Luck!
    .-= Lee?s last blog ..The Absolute Fastest Way To Build Your List! =-.

  • Hey Matt,

    Another very good post my friend.

    Never heard of Listjoe before – thanks for the heads up here, I’ll be checking it out real soon.

    Keep up the great work,

    .-= Andrew Vaughan?s last blog ..Is Your Strategy Online, Right for Online Marketing Success? =-.

  • I’ve been tried ListJoe long time before unfortunately it not working with me. may the kind of email which I sent. How you do it?
    .-= Syed Akram?s last blog ..Argentina Need A Real Coach Not Maradona =-.

  • Matt,

    Very nice post and very nice work. Will have to get this a try I need to find something of value to give away that I would put my name behind.

    I signed up for your list I need to do some focus work on my list as I signed up for my aweber account some time ago tied a couple things but they didn’t seem to work.

    I am going to start focus on this as I fell I been wasting my account and this is so important like you said.
    .-= Jared P Little?s last blog ..Life Planning Key to Accomplish Dreams =-.

  • Hi Matt,

    thanks for the great post, i have a zilch mailing list currently so i’m going to join your course, maybe look forward to working with you in the future,

    keep well,

    .-= Guy Hague?s last blog ..Tonights Web Broadcast. =-.

  • Awesome Matt,

    You are absolutely right about the list. For me it’s like $1-$2+ per subscriber.

    I found your CPA offer at the warrior forum (we’ve got the same idea), and I’m going to run one as well.

    As for list joe, I’ll try it as well.

    I’ll am at $0.25 per lead and see how it goes.


  • I like the List Joe site you mentioned – just signed up for it myself as a free member. I’d like to see what comes back from it before upgrading though

    Nice post

    .-= Peter Davies´s last blog ..Does anyone have any knowledge regarding =-.

    • just to mention, besides ListJoe, I’ve found that ViralUrl is great way for list building, it’s working great for me as an upgraded costs $197 for one year, but from there I get about 20-30 leads every 3rd day

  • Hey Matt… first time here and I’m pleasantly surprised! Feels a little bit like deja vu since I’ve only started building a list since November despite messing about with various other stuff over 2 – 3 years (hindsight’s a useless thing…).

    Well chuffed for your success and just joined up your list…

    Thanks mate!
    .-= Allen´s last blog ..My biggest affiliate marketing mistakes is to … =-.

  • Hey Matt,
    Thank you so much for the list building tips! My BIGGEST thank you is for your course on setting up my blog. I’m almost finished but I had to drop everything to tell you how much I appreciate it!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Hello Matt,

    I’ve red your report you gave away on warrior forum, and I just want to tell you that you’ve layed out simple step by step guide for fast list building..well done
    Regards..and marry christmas and happy new year to all of you

  • This looks powerful. Certainly I have found this to be difficult previously to get to grips with. Many thanks for bringing it to my Attention.

  • ray

    Hey Matt,
    Must have missed this.I’m signing up right now.Its great to think that someone is taking the time to help the newbies.
    Reading your report I’m amazed to find that you had no list in August 09.
    This is a giant leap forward for me,and why I keep coming back.
    Thanks again,

    .-= ray´s last blog ..Keeping Up the Momentum. =-.

  • Hi thanks for an perceptive post, I actually found your blog by mistake while looking on Goole for something else closely related, in any event before i ramble on too much i would just like to say how much I loved your post, I have bookmarked your site and also taken your RSS feed, Again thank you very much for the post keep up the great work.

  • Hi Matt,

    Really great informative post. I’ve signed up for your emails on listbuilding and am looking forward to implementing your advice. No doubt I’ll be back to give you feedback! Keep on ‘keeping On’!

  • Elizabeth Askegard

    Hi Matt

    I don’t know very much on how to build a mailing list,but I do know that you have a have away of making things very simple to learn that even a newbie can understand.

  • seo

    Hey! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My site looks weird when browsing from my iphone4. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to resolve this issue. If you have any recommendations, please share. Many thanks!

    • Matt

      I hear the WP Touch Plugin is great to make a website mobile friendly.