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Over that last three weeks I have built a blog to between 75 and 100 visitors per day, I have built a mailing list from 3 people to 65 people as of this post, I’ve made blog posts that have gotten over 50 comments, and I have created my own product (with two more in the works). I have also managed to average about $50 per day in affiliate commissions over the past 2 weeks or so. I am not writing this post to brag at all. In fact I want to explain to you exactly how I did it.

People ask me the question every day, “How have you done what you’ve managed to do?” They think that I had a huge head start or that I’m just some blogging genius or something. That’s not the case at all. I started this blog on July 1st. My Alex Jeffreys mentoring started on July 6th. That’s hardly much of a head start. I’m definitely no genius but I have made blogs in the past.

So what I will do is I will relist my acheivements here and then explain exactly what I did to get those results…

I have built a blog to between 75 and 100 visitors per day
The biggest thing that I have done here to gain the amount of traffic that I have gained is that I have helped as many people as I could in forums and I have commented on a lot of blogs. I have made it a goal of mine to assist anyone who asks for help in the forums and I either know the answer or know how to do what they are asking. I have also made it one of my daily tasks to comment on a minimum of ten other blogs per day. I usually end up posting on more like 15 per day. At least two of my comments every day must be on blogs from people that are not students of Alex Jeffreys.

I have built a mailing list from 3 people to 65 people as of this post
I have created a video series on how to set up and do tasks on blogs. I gave away the videos for free in exchange for opting in to my mailing list. I have consistently made a minimum of $100 per month in blogging and I intend to continue to create videos on how I have achieved this. The idea came to me after I began to receive the same e-mails over and over again from people asking the same questions about setting up or running thier blogs. I figured that if I created video tutorials, I could start sending them links to videos instead of explaining the same thing over and over again.

I’ve made blog posts that have gotten over 50 comments
This comes back to how I generated my traffic numbers. I have commented on a lot of blogs and a lot of people have returned the favor by commenting on mine. I have helped people in the forum or through e-mail who have come to my blog and commented as a thank you. I enabled the plugin CommentLuv on my blog so that people who comment get a backlink?to their latest article. I have also installed the top commentators widget, which puts a link to the people with the most comment’s blogs. I have also made it a rule of mine to reply to every comment that people make on my blog. This generates an almost community feel to the readers and commenters. This also drives up the comment count, giving social proof to visitors of my blog that I am someone that they should be reading.

I have created my own product (with two more in the works)
I have created my series of WordPress videos based on common questions that I was receiving. I would have never gotten this started if it wasn’t for my mentor, Alex Jeffreys’ first coaching session where he discussed organization and getting things done. I decided that I need to set goals and create a path to achieve these goals. I started making daily task lists and I posted a list of goals on my wall. This has made me so much more focused and driven to keep moving on my product creation. I also need to thank Josh Bartlett, once again, because he has helped so much with the brainstorming and creation of my current product and the products that are in the works.

I have averaged about $50 per day in affiliate commissions
I have posted links to products that I use and endorse. I only endorse products that I can personally vouch for. If I haven’t used it, I haven’t promoted it. My mentor once said that you need to find the way cash flows and then jump in front of it. I believe I finally understand what he was talking about. One way that I have implemented this philosophy is to promote products that I use and I am affiliated with to people who are going to need them anyway. People come to my blog to learn how to blog. They are going to need a host and an e-mail list. I simply promote who I use for these services. I have offered up my link to people who are going to purchase the services anyway. That is simply all I have done and it has worked so far…

Anyway, this post was a little bit longer than I had intended. I wanted to be 100% honest and outright with every method that I have used to gain the traffic that I have gained. I feel like there are still so many more traffic generation methods that I haven’t even taken advantage of yet. I have not really leveraged social media outlets such as Twitter or Youtube, I have not attempted to promote through article marketing, I have not hunted out more forums in my niche to help out in, and I have not experimented with paid traffic for this site. There are still so many avenues that I intend to venture down to continue to build on the success of this site.

Please leave me some comments. I would love to hear if this was helpful to you or if there are more avenues that you would recommend that I venture down. I also intend to comment on any blog of the people who comment on my blog. Leave me some comments and let’s continue to build our network of blogs in to one of the best resources for internet marketers on the internet!

  • Rob Canyon

    Love the stats… Keep it going.

    You’ve reminded me why I need to spend more time posting on other peoples blogs.

    See you soon,

    .-= Rob Canyon?s last blog ..Do you ever sit back and think to yourself? can I really do this business. =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Rob!
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! Commenting is probably the number one reason that my traffic is what it is.

  • Richard Darby

    great post thanks matt….you helped me alot when i first started on the course ..still lots to do on my part my product on free traffic is coming soon!

    Youve shown us a nice blueprint print for success here

    speak soon
    .-= Richard Darby?s last blog ..Call me a fool?Traffic =-.

    • Matt

      Awesome Rich,
      I am glad that I was able to help. You are on your way! Thanks for the comment!

  • marcus passey

    Hey Mr Wolfe

    Great stats my friend,you are moving my man and I love your video with you and Joe in it.”is it recording?? if the red button is on its recording matt” LOL

    Excellant well written post love it my friend.

    speak soon

    .-= marcus passey?s last blog ..What Do You Want Me To Write About?? Best Comment Gets My Free Gift! =-.

    • Matt

      Haha Marcus! That video was fun! I really didn’t know if it was recording. That was Joe’s camera and I had never used it before! Thanks for commenting! I can always count on you. :)

  • JR Biasi


    Great post! Thanks for showing us not just that you are succeeding, but how you are doing it! You inspired me to write a similar post. Maybe not as far along as you are but I’m getting there as well.

    .-= JR Biasi?s last blog ..My Progress So Far =-.

    • Matt

      You are definitely getting there. Your blog looks absolutely amazing! I am very impressed with it! Thanks for commenting.

  • David Walker

    Hey Matt,

    This is a great post. It’s always good to see that people are making progress but it’s also important to see HOW they are achieving their goals.

    I will use this as inspiration for a future blog post of my own.

    Buzz me on Skype so we can arrange a time to speak again, your status is permanently on Do Not Disturb!

    .-= David Walker?s last blog ..Something for the Weekend 25 July 2009 =-.

    • Matt

      Hey David,
      I will definitely talk to you soon on Skype. I have been staying away a little bit because I have found that Skype can kill a day real quick. I will find more time to get on there and we can do some more brainstorming. It was a pleasure talking to you for the short amount of time that we got last time! Thanks for the comment!

  • Guy Hague

    Hi Matt,

    thats an awesome list you’ve got….inspirational

    and i’ve got so much out of your videos, big thanks,

    keep well,

    .-= Guy Hague?s last blog ..My Very First Blog! =-.

    • Matt

      Awesome Guy! I’m glad the videos helped. There is definitely more in the works. Thanks for commenting!

  • Dave Whittle

    Hi Matt,

    You are doing well and deserve to- I have to say you have “saved my life” twice with your WordPress videos.

    You are also showing us the way to go and your input in the forum is great. Thanks for all your time and trouble.
    Good luck

    .-= Dave Whittle?s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Coaching ? Module 2 =-.

    • Matt

      Thanks Dave. I appreciate the kind words. I am so glad the videos have helped. I am always willing to help anyone who needs it in the forum. :)

  • Richard King

    Congratulations on your success so far.

    It’s nice to find someone willing to share what they’ve done to make their blog a success. It’s a great help to new bloggers like myself.

    Your video tutorials are great. I’m hoping you’ll show how to tie that email form into an auto responder.

    Keep up the great work.

    .-= Richard King?s last blog ..Working with light bulk wholesalers =-.

    • Matt

      That’s a great idea. You want me to teach you how to turn a contact form in to an autoresponder? I can definitely create a video about integrating that Contact 7 plugin with AWeber… Good idea. Thanks for the comment!

  • Paul Wilson

    Hey Matt,

    Great post!

    I am not just saying this but I did get a lot out of it, another couple of clicks on those gears in my brain :-)

    Keep ’em coming, great work!

    .-= Paul Wilson?s last blog ..Progress This Week with Module 3 =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Thanks for the Comment Paul! I really appreciate it. I’m glad I can get those gears workin. 😉

  • Mark Terrell

    Hi Matt,

    Mark here, a fellow student on Alex Jeffreys course.

    Nice looking blog, also great tips and advice for any newbie wanting to make money online.

    If you get a moment take a look at my first welcome video on my blog and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

    Keep in touch.

    Mark Terrell

    • Matt

      Hey Mark,
      Thanks for stopping by to comment! I will check out your video right away!

  • Jared


    Good job. I just started to relize the power of comments my self. Adding it to the daily routine. Will be following.

    .-= Jared?s last blog ..Top Social Media Sites =-.

    • Matt

      Comments are hugely important. They have been the key to the traffic that I have seen! Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Wakas Mir

    Amazing work matt.. lots of great wishes to ya and I am sure if you keep this up you will manage to earn even more 😀
    .-= Wakas Mir?s last blog ..So I launched my hosting company =-.

    • Matt

      You and me both. Everyone who learns this stuff has some great potential to make good money. Thanks so much for the kind words and thanks for commenting!

  • Rob Willis

    Hey Matt,
    Great stuff as usual.
    A well described plan of action for anyone that is looking to succeed in internet marketing.

    Maybe that Blog post could be the start of a new product.

    Keep up the great work mate.

    .-= Rob Willis?s last blog ..Marketing with E-mail Lists =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Rob,
      Thanks for the comment! The video tutorials that I am creating for the WordPress Classroom will include videos about every tip that I have offered above. I’m also going to share some tools that I use to make things like commenting and forums faster.


  • Keith Purkiss (Alex Jeffreys Student)

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for posting more great tips. I’m trying to post more on other student blogs and get round all of the students. There’s still some I havent been to as there are over 90 on the list now.
    I’m also going to do longer posts on my blog and make them less often.


    .-= Keith Purkiss (Alex Jeffreys Student)?s last blog ..Website Wealth Wizards =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Keith,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I think it’s a good idea to post slightly less often. It helps bring up the comment count and gets each post in front of more eyes.


  • Andrew Vaughan

    Hi Matt,

    Once again, you’ve shared some fantastic advice here.

    I visited your blog from the begiining and continue to do so on a regular basis, becuase I know that I’ll find useful information and enjoy your writing style.

    It’s honest and to the point Matt – that’s what I like.

    Thanks again,
    .-= Andrew Vaughan?s last blog ..Internet Marketing Success! ? Is Your Mind Right? =-.

    • Matt

      Thanks so much Andrew! I really appreciate the kind words. I’m glad that there are people that find what I write useful.

  • Karen Kalata ( Student Of Alex Jeffreys)


    I just have to say thank you for not only all of the helpful information on this blog post, but for all that you share in your WordPress Classroom.

    I’m already on your list and will be back here on your blog more often to take in some of all that you share. This is great, great stuff.

    I always thought that you, Rob and David were not brand new bloggers, but seasoned pros already, maybe just repeating Alex’s Program, or as guests as a part of his team.

    It’s totally amazing to me to learn that all of you guys just started…..keep posting….please.

    Thanks Matt,
    .-= Karen Kalata ( Student Of Alex Jeffreys)?s last blog ..Finally, My New Look & Feel =-.

    • Matt

      Thanks Karen. I really appreciate the nice things you said about my blog and my classroom. I’m not technically a brand new blogger. This is a brand new blog though. It’s almost 1 month old now.

  • Jim Hardin

    Hey Matt!
    It is really great to see you have made some real progress. Keep up the great work. Thanks for stopping by my site too. My site is nothing compared to yours.

    You give me hope and you have helped me out a lot. I really appreciate it. I will be back often.

    Thanks again for all your help!
    .-= Jim Hardin?s last blog ..Bugatti Veyron Top Gear Video =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Jim,
      Your site is making progress too. Keep getting out there and making comments on blogs and you will see it start to grow. Thanks for the continuing support on my blog!

  • John Tanner

    Hey Matt,

    Excellent site and content. I’d love to work with you to cross promote ideas and articles and some point.

    Keep in touch
    .-= John Tanner?s last blog ..Quick Review; ?The definitive guide to Social Media Marketing? =-.

    • Matt

      Hey John,
      Thanks for the complement. Shoot me an e-mail any time! I’m always looking to do some JV type work!

  • Paul Hooper

    Hey Matt,

    Your traffic and speedy success has come as a direct result from your generosity and willingness to help others. You have spent so much time helping a lot of people, I’m amazed that you have found the time to create your own product! But you have stayed incredibly focused and the rewards are coming your way.
    Excellent work Matt, look forward to working with you for a long time in the future.
    .-= Paul Hooper?s last blog ..How to get around Ezine Articles no Affiliate Link Policy =-.

    • Matt

      Hey Paul,
      Thanks so much. I think it all boils down to me not having much of a life lately. :)
      I pretty much work on my site and help with others all day and all night. I love doing it though. So I guess it’s ok. :)

  • Doug Taylor

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the informative post. You have reminded me of what?s important and what is a waste of time. Your post kind of opened my eyes about what providing value and being helpful is really about.

    • Matt

      Thanks so much Doug! I really appreciate that! You are really off to a great start as well!

  • Sean Beardmore


    It’s only been a week or so since we last chatted on line and look what you’ve gone and done…….amazing!

    Quite an acheivment Matt is such a short space of time, you are going to be a huge success online for years to come!

    Hope we can catch up again soon.

    Take care


    • Matt

      Hey Sean,
      Thanks so much. I haven’t slept much lately. I’m too focused on making my internet business work and grow. We need to have another chat on Skype again soon! Thanks for the comment!

  • Brad

    That’s quite an achievement!

    My Blog is over 5 years old and comes no where close!
    It just does to show you, It’s all about doing it RIGHT, building value!

    Keep UP the Great Work Man –
    Can’t wait to see what you do next!
    .-= Brad?s last blog ..Sizzling Hot SEO WordPress Plugins =-.

  • Anatoly

    your achievements are very impressive.I learned about what to do with my blog 2 days ago and certainly, do not have so many visitors.I do not have my own product and have no idea what I have to offer for free when visitors are coming to my blog.
    When I say “visitors” it means 4-5 daily visitors including me 2-3 times. LOL
    .-= Anatoly?s last blog ..Good Luck To You, Captain! =-.

  • Derek Overington

    Hi Matt,
    Great blog absolutely full of first class content and you never cease to amaze me with all the video tutorials and information you give out.I have just purchased the wordpress classroom and feel like I am doing another student course now.
    All joking aside Matt this will be a fantastic way for me to learn how to install certain things on my blog for a long time to come.Once again Matt thanks for all the help. Derek
    .-= Derek Overington?s last blog ..Marketing With Alex Jeffreys by Derek Overington =-.

  • Ben

    Nice stats. An inspiration. Keep it up!

  • Graeme Ashe

    Hey Matt

    I’ll 2nd that, your an inspiration to us all.

    As you know I had a lot of blog trouble, but thats sorted now and I am ready to get the show on the road.

    You probably know this but some more traffic techniques could be article marketing, video marketing, Build more back links via social book marking, Rss feeds you can automate the last 2 with socialbot & rssbot from both are really cheap at $27 each. Thats the cheapest I have been able to find such powerful software.

    Thats all that comes to mind from me as I am learning too, lol

    Take Care!!

    .-= Graeme Ashe?s last blog ..As Alex Said Lets Own Our Piece of The Internet!! =-.

  • Gil

    One of hell of a post. It’s informative, to the point and more importantly exactly what people are looking for.

    You’re one to watch fro the long run. Great work Matt.

    – Gil
    .-= Gil?s last blog ..Why the heck are you blogging? Do you even know what for? =-.

  • Nigel

    Dude love this post. You gave some great info away. It’s actually simple when you described it the hardest thing is implementation part.

    Waiting with antisipation


    .-= Nigel?s last blog ..Awesome website Template Generator with Multi Language feature for Geo Targeting =-.

  • stev reh

    Hey Matt.
    This is extremely inspiring and I will be following you closely.

    Thanks so much

    Steve reh
    .-= stev reh?s last blog ..Beware Your Privacy settings In WordPress =-.

  • James Mucci – Michigan Refinancing

    Hey that was very straight forward, I really liked honest approach, refreshing especially in today’s world.

    I own a mortgage company, and I have been building websites for a while, but struggling with getting free traffic.

    I was doing a lot of targeted pay per click to landing pages – but that is getting too expensive.

    I recently set up a WordPress blog, about 3 weeks ago and I am starting to see some traffic. I am in position #2 on Yahoo, for my primary keyword, but Google has me at 88-90.

    I will keep plugging away, but I am wondering if there is any reason you have not done any article marketing yet?

    I’ll sign up for the videos as well.

    Thanks is advance.

    James –Michigan Refinancing
    .-= James Mucci – Michigan Refinancing´s last blog ..Whitehouse Unveils Plans to Improve Home Modification, Short Sales, and Help Underwater Borrowers =-.

  • student mom

    I have to say, I absolutely love your blog. Could let me know how I could subscribing with it? By the way I found your blog through Bing

  • Louis

    Hey Mathew,

    I’m a 3.0 student of Alex. You have given me some great ideas here. And I have realised the importance of doing some oil rig hopping. I have been looking at commenting on other people’s blog outside of Alex coaching to build my subscriber base. Other than that I am doing SEO, niche marketing, article marketing to get visits to my blog. I just need to learn to make my blog tick and my visitors stick, as I normally don’t like writing myself.

    – Louis

  • Joy

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for such a helpful post. What you say actually sounds achievable, which is a great relief after falling foul of all the “get thousands of visitors in a week” scams that I know in my heart can never work :-)

  • Brendan

    I love hearing about the successes of other Alex Jeffreys students. I just recently set up my own blog and plan to use blog comments and forums as my main sources of traffic. Thanks for posting your quota of at least 10 blog comments per day. I think that is a very reasonable goal and I hope to match your success soon!

  • Lewis Saka

    How can I sign up for coaching with Alex Jeffreys?

  • ray

    Cruising through your “about me section time line, this is a great idea. Helps build that level of trust that otherwise can be very difficult to do.