How I Got To Where I Am Today

I’ve never really told the full story of how I went from no job and very little online income to where I am today.

As of this month, my blog has now been online for one year. In fact, my first post ever was on July 1st, 2009. It wasn’t until August of 2009, however, that I really started to make some good money online. I had several blogs running all over the internet that were making me a few hundred dollars per month total but the real income didn’t start coming until August of last year.

There was actually one simple thing that I started doing that turned everything around for me. In fact, the recent changes that I’ve made to my business and my online philosophies have been because I have been looking back on how I got to where I am today. My new standards and ideals are less of a reinvention and more of me just getting back to my roots.

The thing that I really started to do in July of last year that really paid off is that I started helping people… And I don’t mean that I charged for every piece of advice that I gave. I mean that I actively went in to forums and hunted down people that were looking for help. When I found them, I wrote up long explanations and, sometimes, even recorded videos of how they can solve their problem.

My timeline looked something like this:

2006-2009 – I made lots of blogs and built them to where they were making a combined total of a couple hundred dollars per month. This was not enough to pay the bills and when I lost my job in May of ’09, this was not going to cut it.

May 2009 – I discovered The Warrior Forum. I began to jump from one “make money online” method to another. I also began actively searching out people that had questions related to WordPress and blogging. I wrote long replies and tried to do whatever I could to help them solve their problems. I figured that if there was anything that I felt like I was an authority in, it was WordPress and blogging.

July 2009 – This is where things started to get exciting! I joined Alex Jeffrey’s coaching program using a credit card because I did not have the money in the bank to pay up front. One of the first things that Alex taught right in the beginning is that everyone needs to build a blog. The coaching program was great but there wasn’t a lot of explanation on exactly how to set up a blog…

This worked out perfect for me! I joined the right program at the right time. I jumped right in to the forum on day one and started offering to help anyone who needed it. I was able to help a very large majority of his students get their blogs up and cranking. I was the most active person in that forum.

I continued to record more and more videos for people so that I wouldn’t have to explain things twice. Eventually, I registered (Now I now had a place to send them to watch my training videos and collect opt-ins at the same time.

July was also the month that I set up I wanted another venue to teach people but I wanted it to be a place where I can expand my teachings beyond just WordPress. allowed me to share my goals, my progress, my personal stories, and the general internet marketing tips that I’ve been learning along the way.

Since I was constantly going out of my way to help others, they reciprocated by visiting my blog, reading my ramblings, and leaving comments and feedback. This made my blog appear to be a very popular place right from the start. My search engine rankings climbed and when random visitors popped in off the search engines, they saw all of the of action going on. They decided this was a happening blog and they kept coming back. This created a momentum that has caused my blog to just keep on growing…

August 2009 – I opened the doors to the WordPress Classroom. I had no concept of what a launch was at this point… I literally just put the buy-now button up and started announcing it in the forums, on my blog, and to the very small mailing list that I had at the time (something like 300 subscribers).

I opened the doors late at night on August 1st, 2009. When I woke up in the morning on August 2nd, I looked in my Paypal account and started jumping up and down and dancing like crazy. I had 20 people join The WordPress Classroom over night. That was the first time that I ever made more than $100 in a single day online. This wasn’t a million dollar launch and I still haven’t paid off my mortgage but this was the day that I realized that I was going to have a legitimate online business. I knew from that point, that this would turn in to something much bigger.

From that point on it’s been somewhat of a blur. I kept working on more and more ways to get people to visit the site. I was introduced to the concepts of things like adswaps and JV giveaways. I also learned that I could sell The WordPress Classroom on the Warrior Forum, where I had originally gotten my start, and get it in front of a very targeted audience. That was a huge revelation for me and it eventually led to my first $1,000 day.

In April of this year, I launched The Autopilot Cash Formula which basically taught people the business model behind The WordPress Classroom. This time I followed the full launch process and had another huge success. It was a great product and it received a great reception but I always felt like The WordPress Classroom was my baby… If it wasn’t for me trying to teach people WordPress, I wouldn’t be anywhere today…

This leads me to where I am now. I have completely decided to go back to my roots. Hopefully, this has become evident by the fact that I’ve refocused my e-mail campaigns to almost nothing but cool free content. I’ve also shifted the majority of my focus on what got me to where I am today… The WordPress Classroom.

The WordPress Classroom has come a long way! It has just passed 750 members. To make things even better, I don’t think I’ve ever had one person tell me that they were unhappy with it.

Just this last week, I opened the WordPress Classroom 2.0 which features new videos, new themes, a new layout, and, best of all, a brand new forum where myself and the members can do the one main thing that got me to where I am today… Help people.

If you are interested in The WordPress Classroom, you can learn more by clicking this link. Check out the new design and the free videos that I’ve provided. If you feel like upgrading, there’s a special bonus offer in there too. 🙂

I am so grateful to be where I am today and if you intend to make a good living online, the best advice that I can give is to help as many people as possible. I give you my 100% guarantee that it will pay off!

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

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  • Good stuff Matt. It’s helpful to create timeline pieces like this because you can see just how far you have come. I was pleased to receive a WP Classroom email the other day – the new look is great and I can only see it going from strength to strength.


  • Hi Matt,
    great post,
    and I agree with what you are saying,
    the wordpress classroom helped me set up my blog.

  • Matt,

    You’ve come a long way in a year. I started with your Auto Pilot Cash Formula that I bought as a WSO. Started with David Walker’s 30th Birthday as my 1st Giveaway and I’m now adswapping. This month I should top 800 subscribers. I hope I can look back in a year and have half your success.


  • Great, thanks Matt! As I am basically in the same position you were in before you started to see results this post has been really helpful.

    Right now I am pushing on and still not getting past the information overload. Deep down I know I need to get past it and avoid the hype, but I am stuck and I need a push.

    It is imperative that I get something done soon as I am currently unemployed and using the time to build the business, but those fund too shall run out.

    Keep good thoughts and I will do the same for you my friend!

    Ryan K

  • Hi Matt

    I like reading time-lines because it just shows how quickly the progress can be made, especially when you concentrate on ‘giving’ and make it ‘high quality’ too…which you have.

    Great to read the progress you’ve made…good skills buddy!


  • Hey there Matt, thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I’ve recently joined WP Classroom and it’s great to get to know you better through your emails. You’re an inspiration to us all, and you’ve learnt the biggest lesson of all — giving back is the way forward. Having a genuine giving nature is what we all strive for. I too hope to follow in a few of your footsteps … thanks for your honesty and integrity.


  • Great job Matt!

    I will check out your WordPress Classroom. I know I could have used your help when I first started as I had a terrible time getting my blog up and running. Actually, I was in Alex Jeffreys first coaching class. He’s great but I got stuck with the technical stuff. Wish you were around then.

    You would probably agree that once you get through the hurdles and look back at it, the things that held us back in the beginning seem so simple now.

    Keep up the great work!


  • You are one of the few people I enjoy getting messages from Matt. I have been unsubscribing from other lists because everytime they send me a message, it’s another sales message. I have so much “stuff” saved on my computer to read another day that I ended up buying an external storage. I’m glad you’re going back to the basics and that inspires me to do the same. You always share information that is helpful.

    I’ve been online for a few years now. In the beginning, like so many, jumped from one thing to another trying to find something that felt like the right fit. I finally did find a company and product in 2005 that makes me happy but trying to blog has left me dumbfounded to be honest.

    The other day I signed up for your new WP 2.0 membership and look forward to watching over your shoulder to conquer this blogging beast. 🙂 My job has recently been changing with the merger of another company, a new boss and I’m not liking what I see happening so I am MORE than ready to get this blog steam rolling moving! I can taste freedom and need the roadmap to get there.

  • First off — Congrats on your success! Like the others, I hope to be able to follow in your foot-steps & have your just a little of your success. All the greats (Frank Kern, Yaro, Gideon, Jay Abraham, Rich Schefren) — I could go on — INSIST that the path to greatness is thru helping people. That’s it. Just helping people.

    I don’t know a lot about WordPress,etc. Maybe the others don’t either. But, we all have some unique skillset that we can help people out with.

    BTW, wish I had a cool name like “Wolfe”. I’d probably sell vampire stuff or something. Just sayen.

  • Ann

    Matt, I just purchased your WP Classroom through the Warrior Forum and look forward to getting into the videos. Nice to find someone online who is getting ahead by helping others!

  • Alex


    How’s it been, buddy? Sitting here waiting for my flight and decided to stop by…

    Been a while… You know it’s really been a joy watching you’re success grow!

    We’ve come a long way in our online careers and though we have taken different paths on the internet, I personally know your commitment to your members is first class.

    Keep up the great work and hopefully one day we’ll final met up.

    Take Care,

    “People don’t fail in Internet marketing, they simply give up before the magic happens”

  • Wow is all I can say Matt. Your story is so inspirational. I can only hope that someday real soon I will be writing a similar story.
    It’s interesting that you set out to help people…and you did and the Universal laws worked…you got help back…in the form of money!
    What you plant…you reap 😉
    Thanks Matt…I am a member of WordPress classroom. I think I’ll check the forum out closer though…

    • Hi Kathy,

      I’ll be looking for you in the forum. I’m one of the moderators. The forum is really taking off and there is great content in all of the threads in there.

      Also join the Traffic Exchange, list you site(s) and comment on others sites, Just like John taught you. 😉

      Good seeing you!

  • Hi Matt,
    What fantastic advise you give my friend,I also joined Alex Jeffreys student course and was able to get Matt to do my Header on my blog for me.I have since been able in just over a year to get my blog in the top 1% in the world on the Alexa ranking and it is now worth nearly $7000. Once again thanks for all the help and advise since meeting you Matt. The WordPress Classroom as been invaluable and I would not be where I am today without it.

    Cheers mate
    Derek Overington

  • Hi Matt

    Good reading and it shows how someone should focus on one item or niche and not play the “new shinny object” game that pops up every week. Find the one thing that you like and improve on it to make it better for the world to see, use and benefit from your baby.

    I will let you know when my baby will be ready for the world and that is my book on how to close sales using hypnosis.

    To bad we didn’t get to see each other in SAN.


    Go out and make it a $ucce$$ful day! 🙂

  • LOL…I love your story about the paypal account =) Awesome Matt! You have been such an inspiration and I’m so happy you have found success. You are passionate about what you do and it absolutely shows.
    I’ve been able to go a long way in a short time and it’s mostly by helping people as well. It creates loyalty and trust and on the internet it’s a lot harder to get that b/c people don’t see you in person. All they can rely on are your words and whether or not you went above and beyond to help them out.
    Thanks for the great post and I would be more than happy to share it. 🙂

  • Hi Matt,

    Great Article here. You are so correct, giving value always returns value. I look forward to following your success and somehow modeling my own business model around your teachings.

    Best to you.

  • Hi Matt

    Congratulations on your decision.

    I remember my first ever adswap was with your good self. You even had to explain in detail what I had to do. You were very patient and I see that it is never ending – this always comes across in all your teachings.

    All the best


  • Hi Matt,

    You are definitely distinguishing yourself as a super marketer. I’m proud of all of your accomplishments.
    If I can be half as good a marketer as you are, I’ll be okay.
    You’re definitely going places my friend!

    Best Regards,
    George Nieves

  • Laura Dews

    Hi Matt, great story! I am so happy for you! I love WordPress Classroom and I am willing to bet I was one of the first 300!
    I still refer back to your lessons from time to time. I will definitly be checking out your updated version.
    Wishing you nothing but the best!

  • Brad

    Matt you’re a blessing man. It’s awesome to see someone who gives a damn about people. You’re brilliant and this blog has given me some inspiration when I’ve been down.

    Business changes…but service never does 🙂



  • Hey Matt,
    Long time no chat. We need to catchup sometime….

    Yes, 12 months is a long time in Internet Marketing & it is great to see you are going from strength to strength. I have gotten a lot out of your blog posts over the past 12 months as well as some of your products (WP Classroom & Autopilot Cash Formula).

    Your philosophy reminds be very much of a quote by Zig Ziglar. “You can have everything in life that you want, If you just help enough other people get what they want!”

    More power to ya mate.


  • Hi Matt,
    I would like to thank you for the excellent training series you created with the WordPress Classroom 2.0. The first series was really informative but 2.0 is just expanded to the point where you can really feel comfortable about making blogs. I have made many blogs since I signed up. Thanks Again.

  • Hi Matt!
    Based on you time line; I must have been one of your original 300 people to sign up for WordPress Classroom. I joined the WordPress Classroom because I saw your video in Keyword Elite 2.0 University. Something told me that this is a guy I should follow and I’m glad I did.
    Being retired, I find that I no longer can remember things that I read once. So I’m constantly referring back to WordPress Classroom for refresher lessons. And for that I thank you very much.
    I guess I am at the point where you were in August on 09, spending money I don’t have on this launch or must have this software. I have downloaded 10,000 PDF and can’t begin to read them all.
    Reading your time line, now gives me hope that there really is light at the end of the tunnel. I just need to focus on the teaching of a select few, which frees up lots of time to put into practice your teaching.
    Thanks again

  • PJ

    Hey Matt,

    Great post! It is good to hear someone promote the importance of always creating value for others. The money is chasing you now because you have chosen to benefit other first. I am a member of The WordPress Classroom 2.0 and I must say it is high quality information that will help anyone looking to move forward in establishing their online presence.

  • Hey Matt,

    Cool post, I think it’s good to see that it took you some time to get your success, rather than people always pretending they made it overnight.

    What goes around comes around, all your unselfish help paid off big time.

    Really happy you achieved such a high level of success, well done you!

    Sally 🙂

  • Great stuff Matt. Its good to see that you have carved a credible path for yourself. I am making rerasonable strides on the list anyway but have had to do this whilst nursing a job, another business and 3 kids.

    My view is that providing you have something to offer others, as long as you follow the right process then suceeding should become almost a formality……

  • sharon doerr

    Matt- It’s wonderful to hear from people who have put the ‘give and it SHALL be given unto you ‘ principle into practice, and who are sharing that it works ! I’m not of the computer generation, so this computer language and technology is the hardest thing I’ve EVER tried to get into my brain. I;m glad there are people out there willing to help. Blessings.

  • Very inspiring Matt, thank you for sharing. It can feel so daunting in the beginning, with so much to learn and so much information overload your brain feels like it’s about to go into meltdown. It’s great to read your actual time line of events and how doable this process can be if you focus properly.
    I’ve only been going a month and finding your blog and programme has been a real turning point for me. Thanks again!

  • Hey Matt,

    I enjoyed your post, appreciate you documenting your progress and showing us that it is possible to make money on the net.

    You have found the secret to prosperity, just help others and everything else will take care of itself.

    Keep up the good work, I love your stuff.

  • DixieBelle

    Hi Matt: Great post. Your posts and videos have helped me a great deal. You seem to have done really well in such a short period of time. Everyone would be wise to follow your lead.

  • Hi Matt

    WordPress classroom has helped me a lot in getting to grips with my blog and also your tips and insights on market leadership are invaluable. Don

  • Hi Matt,

    Absolutely Awesome!!!

    I have been online for about 2 years now slowly fumbling my way around. Although I have been doing this around my little one and time has been precious.

    My aim is to help people one day, however I would like to help young stay at home mums get a business online. This industry is perfect for them. As long as they have the time aaround their little ones and the willingness to learn and dedication to grow, anyone can create a business online.

    I have been hearing great things about your “WordPress Classroom” I must check it out!

    See you back here soon!


    Jacinta 😀

  • Bravo Matt. So helping people for free pays off for you. And the secret is it does for nearly everybody. I’m not afraid to help local businesses with their IM to earn their trust and respect, as long as they know why you’re doing it and are transparent with them people usually appreciate the help once they understand where you’re coming from.

    I also encourage them to start a WordPress blog and have begun to send them your way to get early coaching. Excited about WordPress Classroom 2.



  • Hi Matt,

    This was a truly inspirational post for me and I sincerely thank you for your frankness and honesty.

    Your ability to relate to people and offer sincere and practical advice is a rare talent and I for one truly appreciate the support you have provided.

  • Thats so awesome! Very encouraging! Keep up the good work! God bless!

  • I think you are totally right , helping people or been a giver will always rip u benefit . I am under that mind set as. I am and have been very impressed with the wordclass wordpress videos really been of great help keeping doing what you doing i am trying to do the same within the MUSIC industry in helping people achieve their dreams putting them in the ”spotlight” Might need to come to you for some advice

  • Hello Matt

    Great story and Well done,

    For anybody starting out having a mentor to help you along the way is a must, It will stop you going around in circles.

    It takes time to build up any business, Online or offline learning a few tricks and secrets will help you a lot quicker

    well done Matt

  • Elizabeth Askegard

    Hi, Matt

    What an aweesome post, you’er abslutely right about helping other,That my heart desired to help other to success, your the kind of person I Will foiiow because you will not ripe people off, that why I grabe eveythings you have to offer.

    Thanks Matt

  • Matt,

    I really enjoyed reading your story. You’ve always been a great help to me! In fact, I referred back to the WordPress Classroom videos just last week when setting up a new blog and I referred some of my friends there as well.

    You are a perfect example of how helping others leads to success and I plan to follow your example.

    Thank you for all you do!


  • Hi Matt, you recently replied to a “help and advice” request from me. Your advice was solid and sincere. It is no wonder that you are starting to enjoy the fruits of your labour because your reply to me oozed enthusiasm for what you do!
    Thank you again for the “road-map”

  • Matt,

    I really appreciate your in-depth story of how you got to where you are today. It is very inspiring. Thank you.

  • Hey Matt

    Really good to see your journey. I have to say I have been mentored by Jit Uppal, Adam Spiel, Guido Nussbaum and now Alex Jeffreys, however it is YOU I have to thank for setting me down the listbuilding path I am currently on.

    I got your free ebook about list building from the war room in the warrior forum and used that as a starting point for my business model.

    So just wanted to say thanks for that, as I am now full time online.

    Good luck to you.



  • The previous comments say it all, Matthew – coupled with your post itself. IMHO you reveal the real “secret” to succeeding online – 1. Focusing on doing something you know well and enjoy doing, and 2. Including in that focus a desire to help people, regardless of whether you’ll receive any compensation for it (the Law of Reciprocity guarantees that you WILL be rewarded). I’m saying all of this having only just discovered your WP Classroom, and following the bread-crumbs to this blog.

    I’d like to extend an invitation for you to be a featured guest on our talk radio program. Please email me if you’re interested. Our listeners really need to hear what I know you have to say!

    In the meantime, keep on doing what you’re doing – after all, if it works, don’t fix it!

    To your continued success,

    “Digital” Don

    • Matt

      Hi Don,
      I’m always interested in things like this. Hit me up on the contact page of this blog and we’ll work out the details.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  • Duane

    Hey Matt thank you for the video’s I’m a newbie and wanted to do something like you did to help people that me that has lost everything including a job.I hope tp learn more from you .To bad you dont live next door.I need all the free help i can get at this point

  • Hi Matt

    Read your story with interest. You have done very well but then people have to realize how long it takes to get as successful as you are now.

    A little about me – My name is Sue McDonald and I am a student of Mark Terrell and I am actually going through the course a second time – by invitation. I love it and know if I do all he says, I will be successful. I am Australian but the US is my second home as I have family there and visit quite often. This is why I started Internet Marketing so I can travel whenever I want and have the money to do what I want.

    Well I hope you are doing well and you become very successful. I would love you to come visit my blog and leave a comment.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Matt

    Just visiting your site. Yes I am it’s Mark and I am following my students as they post on other peoples blogs. They don’t know that I am always checking to see they are getting results. I am passionate about helping them achieve and then they are able to make some money online exactly the same as I am doing. It is not really difficult as long as they are willing to put in the effort.

    Keep up the good work.



  • Hi Matt,
    wow what is encouraging here is that you are a regular guy (well, not really, you have a wonderful attitude) and look at how well you are doing.
    you must be so excited about all this.
    well done.

  • It’s great to get that ‘fly on the wall’ feel on how someone became successful and made it online. When I read into the story I think it’s about becoming really good at one thing (eg. WordPress) and then leveraging your skills from there.

    Very motivational.


  • Matt,

    This is a great tie-in to your post about 1000 True Fans.
    Thanks for sharing.

    You did point out something quite important – you spent 2006 – 2009 building expertise in a particular area. And when it was time to differentiate yourself with
    Alex Jeffreys’ students, you were able to take your giving attitide, and your identified skillset, to create REAL VALUE.

    It’s worth reiterating that Alex Jeffreys’ course and mentoring gave you the right structure to grow your business, and to transform the goodwill and fans you were creating into paying customers/fans. I guess Alex gave you the know-how and structure to extract value from all the goodwill you’d built.

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait until you write the 2010 chapter of this story.
    Looking forward to the growth of the Marketer’s Classroom. 🙂



  • Steve H

    What a great success story. You totally immersed yourself in an an unproven revenue generating channel based on a combination of what appears to have been, intellectual interest, a gut feeling, and a desire to help. The desire to help and the “law of reciprocity” mentioned in an earlier post, seem to be a healthier foundation for a business model than most that I have seen in the internet marketing field. Very motivational.


  • Greetings from “down under”.

    Right at the moment it’s getting warmer as summer approaches, your Secretary of State Clinton is in Melbourne and the Aussie $ has just passed the greenback.

    Nice story on your recent history.

    I’m a member of WordPress Classroom and enjoying the videos.

  • Hi Matt,

    Great story and wonderful inspiration. We all need to remember to give first, second and maybe even third before ever think of “selling”. Definitely the attraction marketing model at its best …

    I also really enjoy the WP Classroom 2.0 … excellent videos 🙂

    Best always …

  • Hi Matt

    I’ve been a Blogger for about 4 months now and I remember that overwhelming feeling when I first tried to tackle

    I also remember your tutorials in the WordPress Classroom and all of a sudden the lightbulb went off.

    What seemed like an age to pick up, now takes just a few short hours to do, mainly thanks to you.

    Thanks Matt for all the online tuition you have provided. You always turn out such great ideas & really valuable content.


  • Very Nice article post indeed. That’s a great mission statement, to help as many people as possible.

    Count me in as one of the millions you have helped with your great, easy to follow videos and personable style.

    Much success to you.

  • Matt, Thanks! Be a blessing to receive a blessing. You quoted one the best in the business! The people business – Zig Ziglar. I am so glad to see Zig’s teachings and inspirations are still alive and well. See You At The Top!

    Jesus is Lord!

  • cheryl

    Hello, Matt! Thanks for everything so far. I am still trying to get myself set up, but lack that last push to try. Perhaps this year. After all, it has taken me twenty years to “almost” have the garden the way I want it!

  • Hey Matt, It is good to read a blog about making money on the internet where the author is not standing in front of a rented Maserati. I especially like the “combined blogs earning $200/mo.” I like that because I can relate to “struggling” and your continuing story holds out hope for better days. I also like “my mortgage still isn’t paid off” because it shows you are not “faking it.” Nicely done.

    • Hey Matt Like Gary says “your not standing in front of a Maserati” Well believe in your self and be true to your passion and that is helping. The nice car will come in it’s time, if that is a dream. Keeper going young man.
      JerDon & Sara Gibbs

  • Hi Matt, I agree with your post! You have to have the basics. It produces a solid foundation, without it you are building your business on sand and it will crumble. I believe reputation is everything without it you fail. I really get tired of all the lies that I hear every day. Keep it Honest, it “will” pay off.

  • Ken

    Hi Matt. This is a great stuf. Very inspiring. It’s been said that honesty is the best policy and being that you have always helpful and honest to others hence come your great achievement. I have seen your site and it carries no hypes and get rich slogans. I think the reason people believed in you.
    Your commitment and dedication is paying off..

  • I like you focusing only on your niche that is good I have a plan to do graphic design courses online on blog that is right matt you do a good thing on blog.

  • Great job Matt! Love that you shared your story with us. Like anything, this does take some hard work and perseverance to be successful. If you focus and do something each day, the fruits will come.

  • Thanks for posting this Matt. It’s really keeps it authentic and inspires me to take another look at what I’m doing. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

  • Hello Matt,
    I found your site by accident about a week ago. Must say the few articles I’ve had time to read have been very informative. Your G-Mail autoresponder was great, even though I presently don’t have a need for it. But the best part is after sending a reply that I liked it a member of your team responded to a few of my problems. It was simply terrific to have a response.
    Keep up the good work, and I hope I don’t drive your team crazy as I venture into the world of WordPress and search for my first internet dollar.

  • Hi Matt,
    I found your site after having problems with WordPress and no one to guide me through my difficult times. Your site was able to help fill in the missing components. Thanks very much for your help.


  • Brilliant matt, I guess i am just at the get over to warrior forum stage after nearly three years of leaning just about everything to do with WordPress, affiliate marketing, video marketing ect… you see I need to focus I should never have tried to learn everything, like you I should have focused on one thing and one thing only, may that be a lesson to us all!

  • Great post! Thanks to you a lot of people will be abe to write success stories! You not only have a great product, but you always have been there to answer any questions I had when I started out!
    Just wanted to say Thank You!

  • A good read, thanks for inspiring newbies like me. Keep on writing useful articles. Looking forward to read your new articles

  • Wayne

    Hey Matt,

    I’ve been a “free membership” WordPress Classroom lurker for about a month now.
    This modus operandi is typical for me because there are so many shady operators out there trying to sell me their Internet Marketing Junk!

    But you’re obviously different. A very authentic business person presenting a business model with integrity. How refreshing!

    I’ve received several emails from you and have found much value in their content.
    There’s always a “gem” in each and every one of them.
    No hype, just value and realism.

    Reading this post is the final phase of my lurking.
    I will be a paid member of The WordPress Classroom – today.

    Thanks for being REAL.

  • Hi Matt,

    I just love hearing success stories. It gives you so much motivation to keep chipping aways online. You did really well to make money so soon, good on ya.

    Making money online will help most folk live a good standard of life BUT teaching others how to do it is where the money REALLY is.

    All the best


  • ; I got a book mark to this posting from Google search result advertisement expert Themelis Cuiper, so you are doing an awesome job as he provides a link to you?

  • Hi Matt,

    This is a great post, thank you! I am a member of WordPress classroom and I can highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with the ‘techy’ side of setting up a blog, Matt makes it idiot proof, and if you get stuck, you can just drop him an email!

    Of the many many things I have bought (WSO’s!) this is definitely in my top 5!

    Have a great day all! 🙂

  • Hi Matt

    Great post, thank you so much for sharing. I have been a member of WordPress classroom for not quite 2 months…have learned a great deal thru the videos and the forums. I cannot afford aweber thus using mailchimp….having trouble connecting my products on the site to mailchimp…so still going thru forums to see if I can find something….Mailchimp is not much help…takes them DAYS to respond to a question submitted. I cannot say enough about WordPress is awesome!

    Thank you all at WP Classroom and that includes folks on the forums who have helped me.

  • Thanks a lot Matt ~ I love your WordPress Classroom and think you bring motivation to those that don’t know where to start or those that are blinded by the trees of the forest. Enjoyed this blog entry too and hope you will continue to contribute the way you do.

  • Dee

    Hi Matt
    Too many people expect to make money by bombarding people with sales pitch emails. I was on 2 lists that sent me emails every day of the week trying to sell me something. I unsubscribed from both. I buy what I can afford and appreciate freebies being on a li moited income. I bought one of your WSO’s which I will soon be implementing.
    My policy is to help as much as I can even with my limited knowledge.

  • HI Matt

    Great news to be where you are!

    Indeed, I put your WP2 into my ‘newbie starter kit’, which means its awesome!

    Keep up the good work and thanks for reminding us about forums…just too darn busy to get there!!! That must/will change…

    Hey, enjoy New Zealand! As a welsh bloke, there is nothing more important than Rugby. I fancy Wales to beat NZ in the final!!! Come on Wales.

    If you have time and have an Iphone/Ipad or iPod T, then check out my new Kick Rugby App in the apple store… Keep you busy on the plane!

    best regards

    Joe Evans

  • Hi
    Nice to hear you and your success story.

    Helping others would be really a great way to make a good ROI method.

    I like to help others but right now I am suffering from information overload …

    Even I am struggling now with the shiny object syndrome and information overload.

    what would you advice me to overcome this ?

    BTW,I just started my first blog online…
    But don’t know exactly what to write about ?
    would you suggest me anything on that ?

  • Great blog! I love blogs that are informative and tell new internet marketers that in the beginning you started out with very little experience and no reputation just like the rest of us. It makes you seem more human somehow and helping each other is the true way to success online. I like your attitude and will sign up for your newsletter now.

  • That’s very interesting. By helping others, you inadvertantly helped yourself. Just as it should be.

    • Matt

      You got that right! That’s the way it should be!

      Thanks for commenting.

  • Hi Matt, I’m just a newbie, and haven’t signed up for the WP Classroom yet (although as soon as I get the $ believe me I will…), but I’ve really benefited from listening to your podcasts and reading your blog.

    I’ve had a blog that functions as a website for a non-profit I volunteer for ( and I’m going to use some of the commercial advise you give to raise money for the organization.

    My passion is sales in the garden industry and I’m setting up a blog to help the independent nurseries in the States succeed against the big box stores. I’m still figuring out the details, but every time I read a post I get another idea to act on.


    • Matt

      Thank you for your comment Tom! I really appreciate it and I wish you the best of luck with your non-profit and gardening businesses. Feel free to ask any questions you like here.

  • Tim welcome, I am also “relatively a newbie” I signed up probably mid-summer 2011. I have learned a great deal YET still don’t understand some of the issues encountered o my site. I have not touched the site for months as have been terribly ill. It is a large investment and right now, wish I had those funds to pay for meds I need YET…if I could get the site to be fully functional….and thus funds started to come in…I sure would be a happy camper. My passion is helping people prepare for the DISASTER we ALL HOPE DOES NOT HAPPEN!.

    Thank you

    • Matt

      Thanks Shirley,

      Stick with it. These types of businesses take a lot of time and patience. Keep learning and keep asking questions and you’ll get there.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Brand new newbie here also. But getting the web site up and blogging seems to frustrate me so just like i fix cars and things I am going to take the same approach and see if your videos can get me blogging. I have spent the past 2 weeks checking out word press videos, software etc and trying and trying. I need some video training hand holding and im going to try your program out.

    • Matt

      Awesome Richard! Keep me updated on your progress and feel free to ask whatever questions you’d like!

  • Great post Matt! I joined WP Classroom last week and have devoured it. My site has a long way to go, but its your expertise that has gotten me a lot farther in a lot less time. I also just joined your Warrior Classroom (the 6 month training) and can’t wait to implement some of the traffic getting strategies. I just hope that what I learn I can help others with through affiliate marketing and what products I use to help others grow their referral business through relationship marketing. Keep the posts coming. I’m such a sponge!!!

    • Matt

      Awesome Tracy! I’m glad you’re enjoying the training! Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

  • Hi Matt, i’ve just read this post and even when it’s not new, i think it describes a situation in which 99% of the marketers can see as their own regarding the “live or die” moments, hopefully a lot of us will see the light as you did.

    I’ve been working for the last 2 months on my own online university for INM’s for the latin american market and knew about you because i bought one of your WSO’s 2 weeks ago and it’s actually helping me a lot to get this online university up and running (i hope in a month or so). Thanks again and keep rocking!!

    • Matt

      Thanks Carlos! I’m glad my story resonated with you!

  • Very inspirational Matt. I’m a search engine member. It really works!

  • Hi Matt,
    Great to hear your story!
    I’m an Online Video Producer and I’m planning to leverage my business online through a new product I’m creating: I’m looking forward to the same “jump up and down” moment you had when you launched WP Classroom. I launch April 5!
    Jill Addison

  • Hi Matt
    You deserve your success. After working for 45 yrs I retired 3 years ago and started to learn all I could about affiliate marketing. I was reading more and more about WordPress and building your own website but I just couldn’t understand it as nobody appeared to just start at the very beginning until I found your WordPress Classroom with videos which made it so easy to understand.

    With your help I built 4 satellite websites and one main website for my own business and it has gone from strength to strength – now employing two people due to the demand which increases month by month.

    I recently built a site for my Grandson, one for my Daughter, one for my Brother and the great thing is we can all update/change them ourselves.

    I recommend WP Classroom to anybody out there who would like to build their own website using WordPress – if I can do it anybody can.

    I know my websites now need new designs although, if it works, why change it!! I certainly don’t have any flair for designing.

    With the help of WP Classroom, I now don’t worry about money, I can enjoy my retirement and treat my Children and Grandchildren.

    Thank you, Matt, you are the best.

  • NickMFG

    Thanks for the advice and valuable insights. My philosophy, generally, has been to help others and not mind so much about one’s own welfare. The only way that many people may be able to return a good or advice, is by themselves being supportive and helpful. If we all practiced that in abundance, the world would not be in the parlous state it is intoday.

  • Thanks for the unique tips contributed on this site. I have noticed that many insurers offer consumers generous discounts if they decide to insure several cars with them. A significant amount of households include several cars these days, particularly those with more aged teenage young children still located at home, along with the savings for policies might soon increase. So it makes sense to look for a bargain.

  • Hi Matt….

    Joined your WP Classroom because blogging makes sense and I’m interested in learning from the experts to improve my own blog. I spent 32 years in the employment business helping folks discover their dream job, however, today I like to encourage folks to set up a Plan B for financial security through a home based business.

    America has suffered in the jobs arena working for the BIG corporations and it’s time for us to get back working for ourselves and living the American dream.

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    Best regards,


  • Jonathan

    Hi Matt

    Congrats on getting to where you are and making an income off the web. I know i will be on board sooner or later because i am using wordpress to make websites for friends, school and a business i want to promote. I want to be able to teach my students wordpress very well. I know if i have your resources at my finger tips it would help me a lot. I sure would love to learn those steps to online marketing like your doing in the 30 day challenge as well. I have an idea i would like to bounce off you. Drop me a line at your leisure.



  • Sam

    It’s pretty awesome, you’re inspiring me you know ‘

  • I so happy to read about your slowly and successful evolution!! I know I can do it too.
    I’ll be the # 1 Wellness Coach online for hispanics. Im argentinian. Its just puttin 2 and 2 together… 🙂
    Tx for your post.

    P/s I sold my first ebook online on 2009 at a 57 USD dollars can you believe it….
    Only few but was a start… 🙂

  • Tim

    Thanks for all the encouragement I’ve found even just here alone on this page. I look forward to learning all I can. Your experience above is proof that even at this age and place in my life its all possible. I hope to be able to help others too someday. Lots to learn. Thanks again Matt

  • Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So nice to search out any person with some original ideas on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this website is one thing that is wanted on the web, somebody with a bit of originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

  • The man’s done well! Congratulations on turning your whole situation around so successfully Matt. In such a short space of time too! I love a success story – you’re an inspiration.Good luck with all of your projects and I shall follow them with interest in the WordPress Classroom. All the best, Laurie.

  • Gerome

    wow! awesome story Matt! right now personally I’m on the Warrior Forum stage 🙂 it’s really great to have found your work here 🙂 will read more of your stuff 🙂