Doubling Your Book Income With Print Books

Recently, I did a little poll on my Facebook page about whether or not I should post my income report for October first or an article about using CreateSpace to double your book sales… Overwhelmingly, everyone wanted to see the CreateSpace post. So my next income report will be coming later this week.

One thing that has surprised me since I’ve started publishing books is that after a little bit of time, my Kindle book sales start to dwindle without much promotion. I need to do some sort of little promotion to boost sales again so that my Kindle books don’t disappear in to Amazon obscurity. It’s really not that surprising I guess. New books are coming on Amazon every single day, many in my niches. It only makes sense that if I don’t constantly find new ways to get eyeballs on them, the competition will my bury my titles.

I think since starting, the most impressive surprise has been the fact that, despite Kindle sales slowing with little to no promotion, CreateSpace, physical book sales continue to grow each and every month without much effort on my part. Simply by just making sure my Kindle book and my Physical book are linked in the Amazon marketplace, I’m seeing sales numbers increase month after month. I was not expecting that at all. In fact, as of writing this, my physical book sales for the month of November are actually outselling my Kindle books. I’ve got 21 books on Kindle now and only 4 on CreateSpace…

Bottom line is that if you’re in to publishing at all on Kindle, you can’t ignore the income potential of taking the book to CreateSpace as well. It costs you absolutely nothing to do it and can be done with just a few simple tweaks to the Kindle version.

What follows is my guidelines to double the income of your existing books using CreateSpace…

Step 1: Sign Up For CreateSpace

It does not cost anything to have an account with them or to publish with them. They basically take a small percentage of book sales once you’re up and running. So, other than ordering copies of books for your own collection, there’s no out-of-pocket cost to you, whatsoever. So, if nothing else, create an account with CreateSpace today and start getting familiar with their site.

Step 2: Format Your Kindle Book For Print

I was going to write up a long tutorial post like I did about formatting for Kindle. However, I decided to create a quick video on the process instead. Check it out below:

Step 3: Create An Eye-Catching Cover

You probably already have a cover for your Kindle version of the book. You can actually use that if you want. However, for CreateSpace, you will need a front cover, back cover, and spine for the book to look correct. Personally, I always outsource this. Places like 99 Designs and oDesk have great people capable of making print book covers. You give them the concept and they will give you a cover.

I’ve heard some people recommend getting book covers over at Fiverr… In my experience, you get what you pay for there. The covers have always been junk and I’ve never ended up using any of them. If you’ve worked with someone at Fiverr that’s done some awesome cover art for you, feel free to share in the comments but I’ve yet to experience a designer worth much over there.

Recently, since I’ve been doing so many books myself, I hired someone on to my staff for the sole purpose of making book covers. If you’re interested in working with me on a book cover for print, I’m more than willing to help you knock out the perfect cover.

CreateSpace does allow you to create covers for free on their site. Most of them are pretty cheesy looking but they’d probably be ok for some non-fiction niches.

Here’s some examples of the better looking book covers that are free from CreateSpace…

Here’s a few examples of covers that I had outsourced…

As you can see, spending a little bit of money on a cover makes a HUGE difference in your book’s credibility.

When people see the “ready made” book covers that are made available by CreateSpace, they probably aren’t going to take your book seriously. When people look at the books that I publish, they rarely realize that they weren’t actually published by a major publishing company…

Here’s a little tutorial I made on how to make easy book covers yourself.

Step 4: Add Your Book In To CreateSpace

Here’s another quick video tutorial of the exact process to get your book in to CreateSpace. It’s really simple. Just follow along to the video:

Step 5: Link Your CreateSpace Book To Your Existing Kindle Book

Technically this step is supposed to be done for you by CreateSpace. I’ve had a couple books where they automatically linked after a day or two and a couple books where they never linked. If this happens, simply log in to your KDP account and submit a support ticket. Tell them the ASIN number of your Kindle book and the ISBN number of your print book and they will make sure to link them for you.

This is a super important step because linking the two books together ensures that any sales that have been happening on your Kindle book continue to flow through to your print book. If they aren’t linked together any existing traffic going to the Kindle version won’t see that there’s a print version available as well.

Step 6: Profit

That’s really all there is to it. Following this simple tutorial will take you all of an hour (plus the time to get a cover made properly). Once you’re done, you can expect the income coming in from the Kindle book to double. In my experience, if a book is making $50/month on Kindle, then adding it to CreateSpace will add an additional $50/month to your book income. If you have a book making $1,000 per month on Kindle, adding it to CreateSpace will add an additional $1,000 per month.

That’s just from my own personal experience and I obviously can’t guarantee similar results but, heck, it sure doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

If you enjoyed this post and want more like it, please let me know by “Liking” it, “Tweeting” it, and leaving a comment. Anything you can do to let me know that you enjoyed this is greatly appreciated!

I can’t wait to have a discussion on this topic with you in the comments below!

Now go get your books on CreateSpace!

  • TK

    Hi Matt,

    Another great post, I have been wanting to get into ebook publishing for awhile just haven’t got off my butt yet, but I like following your ebook publishing campaign and I like the way you convey stuff through your posts, feels like you’re talking directly to me



    • Matt

      Thanks TK! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Publishing is probably the most simple business model I’ve experimented with so far. I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot.


      • Hi Matt: I just joined lifetime membership today and I also published my first book “Tommie’s Favorite Stories (and Jokes)” on Kindle since 12/7/2012 and published as book sometime in March 2013. I have a buy click on my website that goes to Amazon; but am considering a website around the book and stories. I am very interested in your help from you and your forum. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about WordPress and network marketing. I look forward to making some $ soon!

  • Bravo Matt,
    I enjoyed the post as always. I’ve not started publishing yet but I’m planning on starting that next year.

    My question is, how do i get the ASIN number of my kindle book and the ISBN number of my print version?

    BTW: Your contact form is not working, you may have to check it out. I sent an emial 2 days ago just to let you know that I’ve sent you the post we discursed, don’t know if you got it.

    More ink to your biro Matt.

  • Hey Matt,

    The Create Space insight is epic…I would never have thought of it.

    Thanks to you my first book is all done and ready to submit. I have been waiting for a couple of Celebrity Endorsements.

    Should I go ahead and publish and then update?

    Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous…

  • Hi Matt, I’ve gotten awful results from my book so far and I’m super bummed because I put some pretty critical bits of really pointed information, in a more condensed book. I got a ton of free down loads (a ton for me at least, it was a few hundred) but that’s it. I’m like a household name where I live for nutrition and in the health food stores, they’ve even got my products at Jimbos and the sprouts that used to be henry’s but I’m getting like, NO PLAY. I really wanted and needed it to do much much better.

    Any suggestions? Here’s the link

    I’ve got a sales page on my site too but I didn’t want to post it here, I thought it was in poor form 🙂

    Anyway, please share any suggestions you can think of to help with sales. I’m just trying to make $1400.00 online monthly in anyway possible.

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      I know you were asking Matt and he will have some solid info but you and I are in similar boats although separate fields. I too am looking for some reasonable income.

      Here is my 2 cents worth and maybe worth no more.

      If I were in your shoes, I would want to do some serious work on your Kindle Cover. I have seen experts suggest it plays a huge part in the sales.

      The other thing I noticed, at 34 pages many might think it more a pamphlet than a book. And finally, take a look at Matt’s Amazon page promoting the WordPress book. I plan frankly to copy his layout.

      I believe Matt said he put some money into his cover and his Amazon page design.

      You have 3 solid reviews but that is not many. It probably helps to have not all 5s and maybe 20 or so reviews if possible. I am sure we would all help if asked.

      While I can’t speak to the whole content, I am sure it’s solid. So best of luck. There is a lot out there in the blogosphere and on the web in general teaching how to have good Kindle results ie: Facebook Pages, Twitter etc.

      I hope it helps.


      • Hi David,

        Thank you for your feedback and good vibes. To be quite honest my self esteem is really taking a beating. Here I am with alot of great experience, and great respect from staff and customers at stores for my knowledge, and yet I’ve barely sold $100.00 worth of books. Me wanting to change that is so very secondary to me really NEEDING desperately to change that to help my family and my financial situation. I’ll keep plugging along but right now I just feel exceptionally disheartened.

      • Well it sounds like you have a quality product and a great name and reputation. What a great platform to start from.

        You might consider setting up a blog that talks about your topic and directs folks to the book. I have had pretty good luck with blogging.

        Have you tried any local promotion where you are well know? Bank on your name and fame close to home!

        You have all the pieces…it just sounds like they need to be put together.

  • Mr. Matt,

    Two books are done…thank you. I have been waiting and waiting for celebrity endorsements on one. They agreed but haven’t submitted them. I think I will write the endorsements and ask them to approve them.

    I have a question re 99designs: Concept and service look great. For a Kindle Cover I think you went with their $500 program??? Steep but awesome cover.

    I have one that trains Real Estate agents and another that trains Pilots. Pretty concrete How To topics.

    Gotta get rocking here. Both are around 70 pages.

    I would love to hear your thoughts from the Murietta Manner.

    I hope you and the family are well.

    David Rodwell

  • Another quicky…Amazon has some funny exclusivity rules for the Kindle digital content if you choose some are their marketing programs. While I know Amazon owns CreateSpace, does using the CreateSpace have any impact on any of the Kindle marketing I choose like offering the short period of free sales, etc.?

    David Rodwell

  • For any of you considering taking your Kindle to Create Space, no worries at all. I just finished the whole process in about an hour. The best part, since Create Space belongs to Amazon, the sales on Amazon are seamless. You can now purchase The Aerial Photography Manual in paper or Kindle version.

    How cool is that!!!

    I just ordered a few copies for myself (family and friends) and a few to sell at my seminars. They were just over $2 a copy for the author. That’s awesome.

    The process is simple and completely guided all through. Even a computer phobic like me can do it. Great Great suggestion Matt!! Keep em coming….

    David Rodwell
    Published Author of The Aerial Photography Manual

  • Well Mr. Matt,

    My second book is up on Kindle and Create Space…as you know, Amazon lists them both on the same page. The reader can opt to look at the paper or Kindle version.

    What is really remarkable is the second book: “Expired Listings: Work 20 Hours a Week and Cultivate an Endless Supply of Real Estate Listings” is already selling nicely in both paper and Kindle with no promo…zip, zilch, zero!

    The covers for both books listed under my name cost $20. I found a wonderful guy in India who understands the CreateSpace and Kindle requirements and does a great job!!

    I am already making money just following a few steps you laid out and now I am a Best Selling author in my category. I am the envy of all my friends. I don’t what happens when you add “Published Author” after your name. Even my wife the journalist is impressed…and she has NO books.

    But she is following the Matt Attack Plan (MAP)and will have her first book soon. I have made arrangements for Kingston Publishing to have exclusive rights once it’s done.

    Kingston Road is our street. We needed a name for the publishing company and that’s all that came to mind.

    Not only do we have some published books, we own a publishing company. At 64 years old, I am a publishing tycoon. Who knew!!!

    I have the Amazon pages listed below just in case anyone would like to see the cover art. We are getting great comments on it all for $20. Our guy is great.

    Thanks Matt once again….

  • Great video, Matt.

    I published my first book last year and did not use create space. Now looking back I wish that I did. My book is on kindle, but not on Amazon. i am going to do a second edition and put it on Create Space. Thank you for the informational videos. I look forward to seeing what the difference in book sales will be.

  • Tom, If the book is on Kindle, you can easily go over to and publish the first book in paper and since CreateSpace is owned by Amazon, they will list paper and Kindle side by side.