2014 Takeaways and Celebrity Hacking in 2015


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How To Buy Twitter Followers And Make Money – Case Study


I recently started a little experiment where I tested Twitter advertising to grow my Twitter following… Most of my friends in the marketing world have pretty much given up on Twitter. I’m not quite sure why. I’m assuming that they’ve seen so much success with Facebook that they’ve put all their eggs in that basket. […]

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The Daily Rituals That Have Changed My Life


Transcription for today’s episode: Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying this podcast so far. I know I’ve been enjoying making them, and it’s kind of a different … I guess a different format that I’ve done in the past, All my previous interviews have been very long-form. They’ve been interview style podcasts, or they’ve been really long, […]

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Should I Brand My Name Or Create A Legacy Brand?


  I’ve sort of quietly and “under-the-radar’ began creating a new brand here at Growth Hut… In fact, chances are, you went to visit one of my blog posts from MattWolfe.net, BusinessAndBlogs.com, or MatthewWolfe.com and were redirected here to read the post instead. No announcement, no warning, and not much of an explanation until now… […]

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Can a couple simple shifts mean life or death for a blog?


My Shift In Blogging I’ve recently had a shift in mindset about blogging. A bit of an “aha” moment, I guess you can call it… I used to be so caught up in how often I posted. I wanted to make sure that I blogged constantly and always put something new in front of people. […]

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