Should I Brand My Name Or Create A Legacy Brand?

I’ve sort of quietly and “under-the-radar’ began creating a new brand here at Growth Hut… In fact, chances are, you went to visit one of my blog posts from,, or and were redirected here to read the post instead. No announcement, no warning, and not much of an explanation until now… I’m […]

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7 Weird Ways To Grow A List Really Really Fast

A new term has been circling the world of marketing and startups recently… “Growth Hacking” is all the rage. People use “Growth Hacking” as a way to describe really creative, “out of the box” ways of growing a business. You typically hear it among startups that don’t really have much marketing experience but, somehow, find […]

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WordPress SEO

12 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Blog For SEO Success

I’ve never been shy about my thoughts on SEO… I’ve tested some SEO strategies in the past, had some sites rank for amazing keywords, began relying on that traffic for my income, and then lost it all… I’m not the biggest fan of search engine optimization as a primary traffic strategy. Why would someone put […]

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